"Our C-game can beat the biggest Spins" - Adriia18

We chat to the SpinLegends coach about why he is repeating his 24 hour Spin & Go challenge, this time at higher stakes.

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In case you missed it, our coach has a challenge to play 24 hours non-stop two-tabling $100 Spin & Go's. By the end of the challenge he has to have earned an evROI of 3% of more. You can read more about the challenge here.

Why did you want to do this challenge again?

Adriia18: It is a way to show how my game has improved. It is going to be in a much harder field and if I'm capable of achieving the objective EV playing my C-game it could show the quality of the knowledge that SpinLegends is teaching.

Last time we had some problems with the Twitch stream, will everything be visible this time?

Adriia18: Yes, we heard the feedback from our audience and this time is going to be with hole cards all the time and a lot of interaction with me, in English and in Spanish. I can't promise that I will be able to answer all your questions during the 24 hours but I'll have some other SpinLegends coaches or members helping me out with that in the Twitch chat.

How much harder will it be at the $100 level compared to the €50 level?

Adriia18: The field is completely different. The metagame is different and the regulars are tougher. The table distribution will be important to achieve that evROI but it is something I don't have any power to choose so I will play as well as I can to achieve it.

What lessons did you learn about doing a 24h grind last time that you will take into this challenge?

Adriia18: I think I am mentally more stable to approach this challenge due to my past experience. Having my meals planned and use my "break time" wisely are going to be the key factors to success.

"The door is open for side bets"

Spin Go challenge

Did being on screen last time make the challenge tougher or did it improve your focus?

Adriia18: I don't feel uncomfortable having people watching me play so I believe it is always a motivation that keeps me wanting to keep playing and stay focussed. All the support that I received during the last challenge helped me a lot and during this one it is going to be even more important.

In general are Spins tougher since your last challenge?

Adriia18: Yes, but at the same time we keep studying and trying to improve our game and the knowledge that we share with our SpinLegends members is getting better and better, so I believe we can still crush the tables.

Do you have any side bets on this challenge?

Adriia18: I have some friendly bets already and I posted not long ago a tweet in my Twitter account opening the door to some new people who could be interested on betting against me. Due to the small amount of games that I will play there's going to be a lot of variance so anything can happen.

What lessons do you want to teach the SpinLegends community with this challenge?

Adriia18: With hard work and a positive mindset it is possible to crush the highest levels of Spin & Go. The knowledge that SpinLegends is sharing with its members has enormous value and if used properly can make you achieve a level where even at the lowest concentration level you could be making money.

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  • Antohitch


    "I can't promise that I will be able to answer all your questions during the 24 hours but I'll have some other SpinLegends coaches or members helping me out with that in the Twitch chat."

    I might sacrifice weekend's grind session for that :D
  • CucumbaMan


    Best of luck to him, I hope he can crush these games in the stream!