"Staking makes learning easier" - coffeeyay

We chat to SpinLegends head coach Adam 'coffeeyay' Sobolewski about why a good stable improves learning and professionalism in new players.

Adam 'coffeeyay' Sobolewski

It's been a year since we last spoke, what has surprised you the most after more than a year at SpinLegends?

coffeeyay: I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amazing professionalism by the team at SpinLegends. I think this has led to players working more professionally, and this has resulted in really strong performance at the tables.

I think professionalism can be difficult in the poker world because it’s a form of self-employment. Many players start young with poker and don’t have a lot of professional experience, and it can be difficult to learn both poker and professionalism at the same time. I think that most poker players could benefit from being part of a staking community, for this and other reasons.

How much tougher are Spins now compared to when you started?

coffeeyay: I started playing Spins when they came out in 2014. While the quality of opponents was much lower at the start, my understanding of them has grown since then. Relative to my new skill level, they don’t feel much more difficult.

We have had some remarkable stories of players getting from small to big stakes, would you say that any member who can beat $0.25 Spins could probably beat one of the bigger stakes, like $30, with just a few adjustments? 

coffeeyay: Moving up in stakes is a gradual process. While some of the players at $0.25 might have the poker skills needed to be winning at $30s, most players will need to build their theoretical and practical skills before moving up. In the end, when it comes to poker, there are no shortcuts. You have to work hard and move up in stakes gradually. At the same time, we have had many success stories of players moving up very quickly because of their hard work and dedication.

"Poker can make such a big difference"

We have had some amazing stories from a very diverse range of members – what has it been like that so many lives have changed because of SpinLegends?

coffeeyay: It’s been very fulfilling to have worked with so many successful players. I’ve worked with players from all over the world with some remarkable personal stories.

I’ve worked with so many people that I don't want to single anyone out, but I always enjoy it when players start working with me at low stakes and end up becoming some of the best regs in the game at higher stakes. I’ve also worked with a lot of players in lower-income countries, and it’s nice that poker can make such a big difference to their standard of living. I think the SpinLegends interviews that PokerStrategy has done contain a lot of remarkable stories.

What is the biggest leak new members come to you with?

coffeeyay: The biggest leaks are proper defence versus bets and understanding correct bluffing situations.

I use a combination of game review, hand review and theory to address these leaks. Users have their play reviewed as well as having access to a giant content library that lets them explore individual spots, specific theory concepts, and other members’ game reviews. I found this to be a great method for finding underlying leaks as well as fixing systematic ones.

"An organised structure helps learning"

What does SpinLegends do that you wish you had had access to when you first learned the game?

coffeeyay: The combination of a large content library, frequent live coaching, and an organised staking structure make learning the game so much easier. When I was a new player, the stress of bankroll management and difficulty of finding high quality information were big factors. While learning the game on one’s own is achievable, it’s significantly less efficient than getting help through SpinLegends.

What are your goals for SpinLegends in 2018?

coffeeyay: I want to continue to provide the highest level of poker education. I’m continually working on new ways to help students improve. At SpinLegends we’re always working on new things, like interactive learning methods and motivational volume challenges. We use evidence-based decision-making to optimise poker strategy, team professionalism and much more.

Thinking about getting staked?

If you want to learn more about Spin & Go’s and how to get free staking and coaching from some of the biggest experts in the game, visit SpinLegends today.

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    Nice interview!
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    Thanks a lot for your coachs =)
    And yes Spin Legends is better than you think lol XD