"The live Triple Crown is my goal" - Chris Moorman

We chat to 888poker pro and online MTT legend Chris Moorman about books, Triple Crowns and shot clocks.

Chris Moorman 888poker Pro
Chris Moorman

You’ve just brought out your second book. Given how quickly poker dates, why choose that format to share your wisdom? Was Twitch not your thing like your fellow 888 Pro Tonkaaaap?

Chris Moorman: I think I’m a bit more old school, when I started playing I was obsessed with Dan Harrington books. I just felt Twitch wasn’t my personality, also after the first book I had a lot of positive feedback, a lot of random people coming up to me at the World Series told me they wanted to know more about myself because all they really knew was that I played online, so they wanted to know my story.

The book is part autobiographical, given a lot of your career has been in front of a screen was it hard to find compelling stories?

Chris Moorman: I actually have a surprising story because I was backing a lot of guys, people don’t talk about that very often, lots of highs and lows with that. It hasn’t always been easy, people don’t really know behind the scenes. I didn’t want to write just an autobiography, I made it half and half with hand reviews.

Your accolades like online cashes and online Triple Crowns are always front and centre in your branding, is this an attempt to try and break into the mainstream, outside of poker?

Chris Moorman: It’s more because it is something I’m proud of, I’ve put thousands of hours in over the years. Money comes and goes, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have enough so you are happy with what you are doing. Poker is judged on money and results, so I feel some of these unique accolades are stuff you always have to look back on. Goals I was working to like making Number One on PocketFives are a big personal achievement.

"Accolades motivate me"

Chris Moorman 888poker Pro
"I'm going after the Live Triple Crown"

Is your online Triple Crown record still the most important to you?

Chris Moorman: I’m not playing so much online so it’s not as big a deal for me, I’d love more than anything to get the live Triple Crown, to have two out of three that would be a really big thing for me. Still not that many people have done it and having played ten years of live poker before I got the WSOP bracelet, having only got the WPT title that wasn’t much to show for it. To finally get the bracelet was huge, now I want to get the full set.

You surely have the hardest Triple Crown leg left to complete?

Chris Moorman: It’s definitely a very tough leg, obviously some of the WPT events are re-entries, the volume of the WSOP and WPT there are more opportunities. The PokerStars Championship events are the toughest fields. I’m also on the other side of the world a lot of the time so I haven’t played as many, but I am now going to make a concerted effort to play more of them.

Does chasing big accolades rather than money keep you motivated?

Chris Moorman: I think so, my motivation is always to get the accolades rather than the money. It also helped me to put in some grinding and not get burnt out. If I was grinding every day I think I would get burnt out, I’ve been playing a long time and it’s no longer new and fresh, once you hit Number One it’s hard to find that motivation to keep grinding. Having that balance of not playing all the time helps me when I do play.

"There is no need for Hollywooding"

Chris Moorman 888poker Pro
"A shot clock is too much pressure in the Main Event"

We are here at a Shot Clock event (888 Live in London), I take it you are a fan of the format?

Chris Moorman: I think anything that speeds up the game is good, there is no need for players to be Hollywooding for two minutes when we all know they are going to fold. The one thing I would say is maybe the shot clock times could be extended a bit for the river from 30 seconds to a minute because there is a lot to process there. Also you have two timebank chips and after 30 seconds your hand is dead, so once it gets to about 15 seconds you have to think about whether to use your timebank chip.

Why are online players so guilty of tanking, you would think it would be the other way around?

Chris Moorman: I think the having to count the pot and handling their chips, there is a lot more for an online player to think about. Also playing only one table, when people play 10 tables you make a decision and you are done with it, if you get it wrong you get it wrong, but live if you get it wrong you are going to be dwelling on it for the next half an hour.

The speed of the WSOP Main Event broadcast has come under scrutiny in recent years, would a shot clock work there?

Chris Moorman: It’s such a unique situation and players will never be playing for so much money at any other time, so to force them to 30 seconds it’s tough. If there was it would have to be two minutes, or maybe 30 seconds preflop, one minute on the flop and turn, and even longer on the river. In such a big money situation you can’t put players under that much pressure, although you still have to make it fun to watch.

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