"The nosebleed stakes are bad for your health" - George Danzer

PokerStars Pro George Danzer joined us to answer your questions on mixed games, SCOOP, his hair and more.

"When you grow older you want to be at home more"

//d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2013/08/21/cd13george_danzer_wsop_2013-thumb-300x450-196554.jpglui69: If it's okay I want to ask you about your family plans… You travel a lot and you have a lot of things to do – is it possible to do both or do you sometimes have to prioritise?

GeorgeDanzer: When you are young and single it is easy. When you grow older you want to be at home on your couch more and more.

But as I have a supportive girlfriend, who likes to travel, we find a good compromise most of the times.

Kraese: How many hours do you play online per day? Did you play longer in the past?

GeorgeDanzer: I play an average of four hours a day around the year.

hooni: Which person was the most important one for your poker development? Why this person? How did this person help you?

GeorgeDanzer: A Swedish player with the nickname ‘pkrbt’ told me not to play A-J offsuit when I started playing online. Then I started winning.

"The nosebleed stakes are bad for your health"

//d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2013/08/21/danzer_wsop_event5.JPGlimpinbarney: You are a 2-7 expert, why don't you play the nosebleed stakes? Why don't you travel more often to Vegas to play the profitable Cash Games (Mixed Games)? Why only tournaments?

GeorgeDanzer: The nosebleed stakes are bad for your health. I tried and the swings just mess with your head. Outside of the WSOP I just like to play online and in Europe.

Domme90: Could you reveal the mixed games player you have the most respect?

GeorgeDanzer: There are a lot. Benyamine, Antonius, Ivey, Cassidy, Greenstein, Glick etc. It is a very long list.

storbran: Will you try to reach the top of the SCOOP leaderboard again this year? Will you do some video blogs and will you sell shares?

GeorgeDanzer: Yes, all of that!

RoXmoon: I'm pretty sure you have heard a lot of questions regarding your hair style, but how long do you need for the styling?

GeorgeDanzer: 5-10 minutes. I am really fast.

"I moved up the limits by playing the best opponents"

//d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2014/05/07/George_Danzer.jpgMjperry You play a ton of different poker variants. How did you approach learning so many games to a high level?
What would you say your weakest and strongest games are and why?

GeorgeDanzer: I just played a ton of hands in every variation. Then I just tried to grind my way up to the highest limits. Always playing the best opponents on the way.

Strongest game is 2-7 NL single draw. I did a lot of math for that game.

Worst game is Stud High. I am solid in that one, but the really good players have better card recognition and tell-spotting in live games.

BarryCarter: What is the gulf in class like between the low SCOOP mixed games and the high SCOOP mixed games?

GeorgeDanzer: Very big. I know most of the players in the high events and 90% are very good players. And there is just so much random betting that happens in the low events.

Marta: Tell us a joke.

GeorgeDanzer: Elephant to a man at the nudist beach ”How the heck do you not starve?”

Ludovic94: What are the differences between playing 2-7 Triple Draw and other mixed games live and online?

GeorgeDanzer: 2-7 plays really similar live and online. Limit games are limited in bluffing opportunities, so big reads are not happening in most of the cases. The biggest difference is that you have to know who is up first in Stud games, see the cards on the other side of the table and so on. Mostly practical problems, not so much theoretical.

Thanks to George from everyone at PokerStrategy.com. 

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