19,554 Twitch viewers for Tonkaaaap's SCOOP run

We round-up some big stories including a health scare for the Poker Brat and more details on the WSOP's streaming schedule.

Bittersweet for Talbot

Prolific streamer Parker Talbot was on the cusp of Twitch history last night when he made a deep run in Day 3 of the SCOOP Medium Main Event, but sadly for him and thousands of viewers he came 13th (of 5,508) for $30,000. 

He did achieve a personal stream record, however, of 19,554 consecutive viewers, beating Lex Veldhuis's PB from the week before. Had he made the final table, he may have beaten the all time record for poker held by Doug Polk of over 23,000. 

'Wildace_hun' went on to win the event for $783,165 and 'Tankanza' took down the High version for a whopping $1,133,160. 

Heart scare for Hellmuth

The Poker Brat, Phil Hellmuth, has revealed he has heart condition Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) which can cause irregular heart beats and other complications. While Hellmuth seems to think it is no big deal, it can be dangerous when combined with other heart related issues:

In true Poker Gods style fate, if he was hoping to relax he made a rock for his own back, because at the time of writing he just bubbled the official final table of the WPT Bobby Baldwin Classic.

Broadcast schedule for the WSOP

The World Series of Poker gets underway next week and finally PokerGO have revealed their broadcast schedule, to compliment the coverage on ESPN and their partners (which has not been fully revealed yet either):

Tony G is still Tony G

He may only be an occassional figure in poker these days, but Tony G is still as incapable of embarrassment as ever, and we love it:

Were you watching the stream last night? Will you be watching the WSOP on PokerGO? Let us know in the comments:

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