55,509 entries in the Sunday Million

The Sunday Million 10th Anniversary had a four-way chop and eight six-figure prizes at the final table.

sunday million final table
The final table

Every Sunday now for ten years, PokerStars has been awarding life-changing prizes for a $215 buy-in, so it was only fitting that the 10th anniversary would do that, and then some. 

55,509 entries in total in this flagship event, which equated to 8,208 players eventually making the money. 

This makes it the third biggest Sunday Million of all time. The biggest of which was the PokerStars 10th Anniversary on December 28, 2011, which boasted 62,116 players and saw 'First-Eagle' eventually walk away with $1,146,574. 

This time around the official first prize was $1,061,417.37 but understandably after almost 16 hours the players decided to do a four-way chop, which saw them play on for an additional $100,000 to the eventual winner. 

And that honour went to 'a.urli' of Canada who took home $970,000, but the other three players in the deal finished with over half a million dollars and eight of the final table ended the event with a six-figure first prize. 

Not bad for a $215 buy-in. 

Sunday Million 10th Anniversary
1st a.urli $970,000
2nd mladenova62 $650,000
3rd prophetdream $678,517.78
4th canario508 $560,000
5th ThreeBetting $318,415
6th Superfizzy $235,653.62
7th AttiIa88 $174,402.68
8th TottiLitti $129,071.51
9th Torsvik $95,522.96

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Comments (3)

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  • TripleDipDip2


    55k+ players crazy 16 hrs of play. I wish USA would allow online play
  • sherriffatman


    the 2nd place "mladenova62" just played first games on sharkscope, last November, and mostly just freerolls as well!!! chromestar to '1/2 mirrionair' not too shabby for 1 double-shift of 'graft'!
  • iri24o


    sick ROI for these guys, grats to them