A huge fold at the WSOPE, but was it right?

In case you missed it, last week the WSOPE feature table had one of the most talked about hands of the year.

One of the more memorable hands of 2017 took place last week at the World Series of Poker Europe in a four way pot between Rainer Kemper, Kristen Bicknell, Niall Farrell and Maria Ho. All four well known players caught a piece of the flop, but it was eventual finalists Farrell and Ho who got everyone talking. 

Both players eventually cashed for six-figure sums at the final table (Ho came 6th for €174,365 and Farrell 5th for €329,639, eliminated in the same hand), but if the call had been made here, one of them probably wouldn't have. 

Let us know how you would have played the set of tens in the comments:

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Comments (8)

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  • Zhusy


    this snap fold makes no sense whatsoever...
    money scared? (no results for so long?)

    another fail is SEBASTIAN, why are you the short stack on final tables, always? :((
  • BarryCarter


    Not really a 'snap' fold (was even longer on the live stream, went on for ages)
  • Zhusy


    i'm still watching the 111k tour, need to switch to this one, but yeah on this vid it seems she snap folded, there is a lot of discussion on the forums, i'm "scared" to post since it seems a lot of people like this Mario Ho, my opinion of her plays, after a few hands with her, ain't that big

    but what do i know, i'm a big fish!
  • Tobman78


    What I saw from Maria, she played very solid good poker. Got not out of line, folded not too early. Did not saw the hand she busted.
    Could have been a Squeeze, but the dynamic was more of a we're telling the truth with Farrell a bit more aggressive and Bicknell a bit on the looser side (from the few hands I saw). So AK (AQ) and JJ+? mostly as Farrell played not much more to that time than the other players even in this situation. Maria lost chips, but put the pressure back in other pots and won it back. In this pot if the opp only has an As he would probably not shove, Even an overpair with As. So JJ or Ak/AQ with 1 or 2 heart if he tells the truth. Don't know if a coinflip is neccessary bigstack vs bigstack in this situation in the tournament at the bubble. Farrell knows that Maria need to be strong to call in the BB as she plays straighforward. TT+ (sometimes 88+?), AK, (AQs).
    Not much more. So what did he expect/want her to fold? QQ-AA? without a heart or also AK or did he just played his equity. I think she not only thought about the tendencies, the table history, her image, his range, her range and about his motivation to shove from 1st position. At the end I think she came to the conclusion that he has at least 50% equity vs any hand, which means she give up equity in this hand, but as bigstack in the tournament vs another bigstack and relative deep chipcounts relative to the blinds she protected her chips and the ability to scare the other players possibly off their hands later in such a situation.
  • IvicaIliev77


    Snap call flop. What is she calling pre cold 3 bet? Likely mid PPs, maybe some AJ AQ ATs. Each of the Ax hands block opponents AA but her TT JJ in this spot are must call. Just my 2 cents.
  • wr4thch1ld


    She was obv quadmining.
  • k0kki3


    She is a hot woman who will bring lot of rich gamblers to play, whom wouldn't propably play if there were only boring regs with hoodies and sunglasses. Hot women needed. They are important. It doesn't matter if she is excellent player or not. So you might want to stop critisizing.


    Even against a range of jj,Ahkh,AhKx and QQ+ only including the overpairs that have a heart she is flipping (if i have put it in the calculator correctly) and if we include the non heart KK+ she is 60% favourite. I do not know enough about ICM to judge on this being good or bad from that perspective.