AA vs KK vs KK - the dream setup

We have another sick hand caught on the Live At The Bike stream this week.

The great thing about the Live At The Bike Twitch and YouTube channels is that they capture real high stakes poker as it is played in card rooms all over the world, not made-for-TV stuff where the players are thinking about their image.

Another big hand of that nature this week in a $5/$5/$20+$5 Ante game, with the dream situation if you have Pocket Aces. You obviously want to run into a hand like Pocket Kings because you will get paid off but there is always the worry of those two outs that would crush you. 

So when a third opponent is also holding those two outs, you really are on easy street (most of the time):

What's the sickest hand you have seen at your local card room? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (1)

  • aceonetheriver


    I know games here with wildcards. You could have 5 of a kind.
    Real sick!