Annie Duke's book receiving lots of media attention

One of the most controversial figures in poker's new book appears to be very popular in the media, much to the chagrin of the poker community.

annie duke book
Annie and her new book

Annie Duke has been in the poker wilderness for quite some time now. It didn't help that her brother is Howard Lederer, but she has courted controversy in poker for a number of reasons, most notably her involvement with Ultimate Bet during the superuser scandal and the failed Epic Poker League which reneged on a promised $1 million freeroll and left staff and a charity unpaid, despite the fact that Duke and other executives paid themselves six-figure sums before it went bankrupt. 

While the consensus of the poker community is quite clear and easy to research, Duke has recently attracted a lot of fawning coverage for her new book Thinking In Bets from a big contingent of mainstream media. 

CNBC, Reason, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, the James Altucher Show, Parade and Big Think are just a few of the high profile places where Duke has been profiled, none of them seemingly addressing the tarnished reputation she has in poker. 

But the poker community has not forgotton and has been flooding the comments sections to voice their disagreement with the platform she has been given to promote the book. Just check out the comments on these tweets and this video to get an idea of what has been happening:

The book itself, however, is getting some very positive reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

Does Annie Duke get judged too harshly by the poker world? Let us know (politely) in the comments:

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Comments (2)

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  • begbane


    "poker champion" since when ?
  • anduke


    No integrity in the mainstream media these days. Funny how money can cover your past mistakes. A simple google search would be more than enough...