Are new Stars Rewards coming soon?

We recap some stories you may have missed including the dates for SCOOP, new 888poker software and Phil Hellmuth dancing.

New Stars Rewards in Italy

A new version of Stars Rewards has gone live in Italy, with the expectation it will be rolled out elsewhere soon. 

This includes a 'Black Chest', the new highest value Chest. The new system returns to a month long cycle instead of a single play session cycle. Players will move to the next tier by earning 10 Chests in a 28-day period, according to pokerfuse

As reported earlier this year, the maximum reward for Chests will be bigger, but the probability of hitting them will be lower

stars rewards
The new chests (image courtesy of pokerfuse)

SCOOP Dates Announced

No word on the schedule yet but you can save the dates of May 12-27 for the annual Spring Championship of Online Poker. 

The only thing we do know so far is that Low/Medium Phase 1 events will start on April 15 and the SCOOP Main Events take place on May 26. 

scoop pokerstars 2019

New 888poker software coming

Depending on where you are in the world you may already be using it, but 888poker are gradually rolling out a long awaited new poker client.

A 3D cleaned up look and feel, new bet sliders, improved multi-tabling, better notes and new final table graphics are all part of the new software, coming to your 888poker client very soon: 

Hellmuth dancing

We've seen him crash a race car, ride a giant hotdog and God help us we've even seen him rapping, but is the poker world ready for Phil Hellmuth samba dancing? 

What are your thoughts on the Poker Brat's moves?? Let us know in the comments:

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  • JimmkCZ


    Hellmuth dancing is good and hard, nice thanks
  • nsavov


    After a long time of not having any rakeback we will FINALLY be back on having barely any rakeback.
  • bigdog63


    more rake is better
  • Neudirjimi


    888 poker what you are doing...
  • tonypmm


    An hour ago, Stars sent to a email to me as a .com customer saying that the said changes to the Rewards are 'coming soon'.
  • laifstaile


    .ee got that mail also