Beast meets Beast

We round-up some of the best poker YouTube videos of the week including a lot of celebrity poker name dropping.

Beast meets Beast

With the news that Fedor Holz is starting a Vlog very soon, it seems inevitable that he will dethrone this man from his YouTube standings, if his YouTube game is anything like his poker game.

YouTube Beast meets YouTube Beast

Before Fedor dethrones them both, the two biggest YouTubers in the game also got together this week:

More Gross namedrops

Giving Phil Hellmuth a run for his money as poker's biggest namedropper, Jeff Gross has another video featuring many of his poker friends including David Sands, Max Silver, David Williams and.....Phil Hellmuth.

Who is.....?

Poker Central are supplementing their PokerGo streaming this year with a series of WSOP player profiles, including these two players who normally don't spend much time together, Matt Glantz and Cate Hall

Poker buzzkills

A new series from 888poker designed to take the fun out of poker, or at least have some fun complaining about it, this week featuring Kara Scott:

Who are you watching during the WSOP? Let us know in the comments:

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  • IvicaIliev77


    Enjoyed Doug with Holz a lot. Last time he appeared in Joey's podcast, I got a feel that he is not a big fan of Doug's since he critiqued him a bit on not knowing much about ICM and tournaments and such. Doug did very good job leading the conversation and asking right question + with his trademark humor and trolling while Fedor was (as usual in such spots) calm and on top of his game. Would really love to see those 2 guys match up in HU or do a challenge with sponsors involved. Think that would be amazing for poker community and free education for all that want to learn from arguably 2 best poker players for NLHE right now (with Sulsky right there with them).