Bellande reveals how he got his $1 million One Drop buy-in

In today's Daily Rewind we find out how JRB found his One Drop buy-in and offer pieces of two legends in the $1 million event.

Bellande talks about One Drop

JRB is ready
It was the news that dared broke grinders to dream, but according to a recent interview with Bluff Magazine Jean-Robert Bellande has less than 30% of his One Drop action.

Although we were relatively certain that Bellande hadn't stumped up the seven-figure entry fee on his own, he recently revealed that he'll have just a small portion of his action in the super high roller.

While he declined to name his backers, he did say that a recent upswing in Dan Bilzerian's home game, coupled with a few interested investors, allowed him to raise enough cash to compete against some of the world's top grinders.

During the interview he also explains that Bilzerian backed him for a while but lost around $1 million on the deal and that any money he wins will be staying "in the community, ready for action".

Legends call for stakes

While Jean-Robert Bellande will be fighting for a potential top prize of $20 million next month, there's one poker legend that won't be.

According to a recent tweet Doyle Brunson will have to miss out on the $1 million One Drop event because he doesn't have enough spare cash.

However, ever the optimist, he called out for potential investors to throw some money his way if they felt like it.

Another player calling for backers recently was Daniel Negreanu. The Canadian pro has decided to sell 50% of his action and amongst the responses to his offer was a proposed consortium of 25 players offering up $200 each to buy a minimum stake in Daniel.


Danzer scoops a fourth title

Danzer does it again
PokerStars' SCOOP is rapidly moving towards a conclusion and in the last few days the festival saw a host of high profile pros add to their online accolades.

Stepping out of the shadows and back into the light earlier this week was Luke 'Full_Flush1' Schwartz.

The brash grinder claimed his first SCOOP title back in 2012 and this year he enjoyed a second round of success in the $2,000 6-max Fixed Limit Hold'em event.

Although an ICM deal meant he didn't bank as much as Russia's 'alex987' ($60,565), the British pro still won $59,494 as well as another online title.

Also enjoying success in the last 24 hours was George 'GeorgeDanzer' Danzer. With three SCOOP watches already in his possession, Danzer was able to fly past the likes of Dan Kelly, Davin Georgi and Farid Jattin to claim his fourth title and $129,645.

Question of the Day

"Would it be good for the game if self-styled 'gambler' Jean-Robert Bellande wins this year's WSOP One Drop?"


Hac Dang emerged as the latest high stakes champion in the last 24 hours thanks, in part, to raking in two of the day's largest pots.

Having already taken a $71,000 pot away from Sebastian 'miamivice' Ruthenberg, Dang was able to bank a further $75,998 after his 7s6s4d3h2c was enough to beat 'thecorster' during a round of 2-7 Triple Draw.

Slipping to the largest loss on Wednesday was Viktor Blom. The Swede was unable to gain any traction at the draw tables and eventually logged off with a $250,040 deficit.

Hac Dang
Chun Lei Zhou$153,441
Viktor Blom
'Crazy Elior'$105,000

Daily Signoff

With Luke Schwartz winning another SCOOP title, we thought we'd finish today with his brash antics against his former rival Andrew Feldman.

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    I think poker world would be booming with news about him if he won. Not that I find it the least bit likely #germansattack

    That said, Esfandiari is much more well-known and yet he didn't bask in the limelight all that much. At least in the European newsfront.
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    it'd certainly be good for the people who play with him on a regular basis if JRB has more money