Big $276k cooler on Poker After Dark

Jean-Robert Bellande runs it twice with Aces Full.....what could go wrong?

The recently relaunched Poker After Dark on PokerGo continues to excite and bring us six-figure hands that prove that live poker just as insane as online. 

Last night Mr 'Broke Living' himself Jean-Robert Bellande found himself in a $200/$400 pot with businessman and blackjack legend Bob Bright when he turned Aces Full and was facing an all-in bet.

Obviously it was a call and he agreed to run-it-twice, fearing he could get outdrawn by another Ace rivering a kicker higher than a six, so when Bright turned over Sixes Full, he was on easy street....right?

You can watch Poker After Dark exclusively on PokerGO.

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Comments (2)

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  • CucumbaMan


    Jeez. That is cruel.
  • SeagalSteven


    Must have been epic game with that dude shoving 6 there.