Bonomo and Fedor dealt heads-up

We recap some stories you may have missed including YouTube drama and $300k flips in Bobby's Room.

Fedor and Justin dealt

People making deals at the end of a tournament is hardly news but it is when it's for a combined $16 million in prizes and involving arguably the best two players in the modern game. 

Last week all time money leader Justin Bonomo revealed he did a deal heads-up with Fedor Holz in The Big One for One Drop which saw almost $1.3 million extra go to Fedor:

Bonomo also took some time out on Twitter to reflect on his amazing run this year:

Big flips in Bobby's Room

The biggest cash games in poker, with elite players in every seat, are the height of discipline and professionalism in this game right? 

Not always, as Gus Hansen's latest Instagram video shows they also involve hours of $300k flips:

The new game in Bobby’s Room - 7 handed 42K flip - 294K in the middle - Very Sick!

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Life changing hands

We all have that one hand that we can't stop thinking about, that changed everything (or could have changed everything). Now PokerGO have created an entire show on that very subject called 'Hand Histories':

Drama, drama, drama

We are not touching these 'he said, he said' disputes with a ten foot pole but you won't be able to escape this one, as YouTube's biggest poker star is currently in a major dispute with his former employee. 

Here are both their statements and if you browse the poker forums this week you can go down this rabbit hole further.

Spraggy with the Jedi Mind Tricks

Finally, a bit of fun, as Ben Spraggs has picked up a few of Daniel Negreanu's infamous card predicting skills:

Thoughts on Bonomo's deal? Let us know in the comments:

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  • LUCKYberioza


    bonomo is one of the serious minded player ever
  • LUCKYberioza


    i watch all of his hands in this event