Can Adriia18 play 24 hours of Spins for a 3% evROI?

Adriia18 is embarking on his 2nd 24 hour Spin & Go challenge to prove how beatable they are, this time playing $100 Spins.

24h Challenge

Last year SpinLegends coach Adriia18 pulled off a remarkable sleep deprived challenge where he streamed himself for 24 hours playing €50 Spins and he hit his target of maintaining an evROI of 3% or more.  

Spins have gotten bigger and tougher since that challenge, so he is doing it again at higher stakes. 

The details of his challenge are:

  • Takes place on Saturday February 24 at 00:01 CET until 01:01 CET on February 25
  • 25 hours in total, which includes one hour of psychological breaks spread throughout the challenge
  • The goal is to achieve an evROI of 3% or more after 24 hours of non stop play
  • Two tables at once all with $100 buy-in 
  • Streamed live on Twitch
  • You can also follow him live on Twitter

Last time we did the challenge the Twitch stream was not prepared well enough but we can assure you this time around it will be and all his tables will be visible. 

We will have an interview with the man himself later this week but until then head on over to our forum where you can win $50 on your Tell-a-Friend account if you make the right prediction before the start of the challenge about how he will do this time around at higher stakes. 

Prediction forum: Adriia18's 24h Challenge Part 2

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