Daily Rewind - Partouche Final, EPT Awards & Galfond's Q&A

In today's Daily Rewind we get the lowdown on the Partouche Poker Tour finale, see who shone during this season's EPT and get some answers from Phil Galfond.

The Daily Rewind is your one-stop-shop for a sharp review of the day in poker. Join us here for a mix of the latest news and a more irreverent insight into the poker world. Today we discovered the following topics for you:

Partouche Finale

It's just been announced that the Grand Final of the Partouche Poker Tour will take place from September 2nd to the 9th and offer a more extensive schedule than last year.

The eight day event will take place at the Palm Beach Casino, Cannes, and serve up a tasty selection of side events alongside the €8,500 Main Event.

A number of innovations have been put in place for this year’s event, with the most alluring being the ability to re-enter the Main Event on Day 1b.

In addition to this there will two PLO side events, as well as a heads-up tournament and a €25,000 High Roller event.

palm beach
The Palm Beach Casino in Cannes Will Host the Final

PokerStars Shine

As the final chips were scooped up and placed in containers ready for next year's tour, the cream of the EPT was busy celebrating another successful season.

Hosted by PokerStars, the annual EPT Awards lavished high praise (and high quality food and drink) on the season’s most prolific performers.

Amongst those being called to the stage by Joe Stapleton were: Roberto Romanello, Melanie Weisner and PokerStrategist Khiem akia Nguyen.

The biggest honour of all, the Player of the Year title, went to Ondrej Vinklarek from the Czech Republic.

2+2 Closed For Business

Those of you craving some NVG nonsense will be disappointed to hear that 2+2 isn’t expected to reopen until sometime next week.

A recent update published on the site’s homepage read:

“After closer inspection, it’s now clear to us that the 2 + 2 Forums are more likely to come back to life next week rather than this week even though at this point in time we cannot give a definite date.”

Galfond Gives Answers

You asked and he answered. Phil Galfond is known for his logical, insightful and measured responses to many situations in poker and he’s brought that enthusiasm to his latest blog post.

In an attempt to enlighten the poker world, he has courted a plethora of questions from the community and begun working his way through them.

One of the most interesting answers was to a question involving an all-in against Phil Laak on High Stakes Poker.

From the start Galfond admitted that his initial read was wrong, but he goes on to outline his thought process:

“I had to figure out how often I thought he’d fold to a shove. With my pair and backdoor flush/straight draws, I had over 20% equity against any pair and a teeny bit of equity against two pair or sets.”

High Stakes Corner

PokerStrategy.com’s Igor Lechuckpoker Kurganov took the €25,000 EPT High Roller event by storm yesterday, beating Daniel Negreanu in an assured heads-up performance.

Earlier in the day another PokerStrategist, Philipp philgruissem Gruissem, finished 3rd in the event, taking home €366,000.

His exit signalled the start of an epic duel between Negreanu and Kurganov as the pair engaged in a series of assaults on each other's stack.

After a huge pot went Kurganov's way, Negreanu shoved the next hand. Despite having the pre-flop advantage with AcJc, it was Kurganov’s moment in the spotlight as his Kd3s connected with the board to earn him the title and €1,080,000.
Igor Defeated Daniel Heads-Up

Daily Signoff

After scooping two awards at this year’s EPT closing party, we thought we’d end today’s Daily Rewind with one of Roberto Romanello's greatest plays.

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  • Oby1KnOby


    It would be more interesting to know when will we get our money from FTP back :/ According to this pool 75% of Full Tilt players have less then a $1000 stuck there http://thatpokerguy.wordpress.com/
  • JohanRember


    #1 if they had something new to report on FTP they would - there is no point reposting the same information over and over.