Daily Rewind - Trickett Leaves Titan, Slim's Service, Dwan on All Things Poker

In today's Daily Rewind we hear of Sam Trickett's departure from Titan, mark the passing of Amarillo Slim and learn what Tom Dwan thinks one year on from Black Friday.

The Daily Rewind is your one-stop-shop for a sharp review of the day in poker. Join us here for a mix of the latest news and a more irreverent insight into the poker world. Today we discovered the following topics for you:

Trickett Leaves Titan

Titan Poker’s Sam Trickett has just announced that he is to part ways with the company after two enjoyable years.

The British pro has established himself as one of the best young players in the world in recent years; winning numerous tournaments as well as huge sums of money in cash games across the world.

News of the departure came via Twitter: @Samtrickett1: “Me and Titan have decided to part ways. I have enjoyed representing them and they were an absolute pleasure to work with. Thanks again Titan....”

Where Sam goes from here is unclear, but it's certain that wherever he goes the money is likely to follow. Indeed, if he continues to contest million dollar pots in Macau, it’s safe to say he’ll be just fine on his own.

Slim’s Memorial Service

slim's memorial
Slim's Memorial Card
Messages of goodwill have been circulating around the poker community since the announcement of Amarillo Slim’s death.

The poker legend’s burial service took place yesterday at Llano Cemetery and was conducted by Dr. W. Winfred Moore.

Slim’s death is still having a profound effect on a number of poker pros, including Doyle Brunson who tweeted yesterday:

“Surprised Amarillo Slim's death is bugging me. We haven't been that close for the past 40 years. But still have memories from the 60s & 70s.”

Could You Survive the Irish Winter?

PaddyPowerPoker has recently announced the schedule for this year’s Irish Winter Festival. The €1,000 + €125 event will take place between October 26th and 29th at the Burlington Hotel, Dublin.

While a full schedule is yet to be released, the organisers have provided details of their new "Six Survivor" promotion.

The top six PaddyPowerPoker players at the Irish Winter Festival will all receive entry into the Irish Open in 2013. What’s more, they will also be eligible to win the "€100,000 Sole Survivor" prize.

Dwan on Tilt

In a recent interview with Bluff Europe Magazine, Tom Dwan has been sharing his thoughts on all things poker since Black Friday.

As expected, the interview naturally gravitated towards Full Tilt and sought to uncover Tom’s opinions on his former employer.

Although he didn’t flat-out condemn the actions of Full Tilt, he did say: “I think it’s completely ridiculous that they didn't have all the money. They had a really valuable company. I think the only thing that they had to do to keep it valuable was to have all the players' money.”

Bluff also asked Tom for his thoughts on the future of poker in the US: “It’s definitely a very dynamic situation. If I had to bet, I think it’s likely that it will get pretty legal and government sponsored-ish within the next decade.”

Shocked By Tilt

High Stakes Corner

Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky leapt to the top of the high stakes charts yesterday after raking in $136,858. The American player dominated the PLO games at PokerStars and walked away with over $36,000 more than his closest rival.

The day’s biggest loser was Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies. After 1,902 hands the Finn finally ended his session $223,178 in the hole.

Daily Signoff

If only Tom Dwan could play Howard Lederer for all the money Full Tilt owes....

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Comments (9)

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  • Aerox232


    you just get durrred. ;D
  • Alficor1


    Just a thought - i dont really understand why people feel like Dwan owned Lederer in that pot, he just got lucky to win it. Thats all. It's more like Lederer absolutely misplayed his hand, rather than Dwan playing the hand great.
  • EmanuelC16


    If Lederer misplayed it's because Dwan forced him to do so. It means Dwan owned him. 8-)
  • Alficor1


    Lol, he misplayed it because he's a massive donk.. When someone misplays a hand it doesnt mean that the other one forced him to do so.
  • jozata


    The look on Lederer's face when getting durrrred almost compensates for my FTP bankroll.
    On second thought, it doesn't.
    Give me back my money you scum!


    Tricket is gonna join team poker stars fosho. So will Dwan, Ivey and other great players from FTP, except Howard, Ferguson and other nits.


    Btw, why is'nt durrrr playing online these days??
  • Tim64


    Y, Lederer owned so hard it hurts. Instead of shipping pre like a man he called, didn't hit, and checked down like a girl. I love this pot and his rabbit-in-headlights look. Let's hope his future cellmates make him wide-eyed all over again...
  • Castle93


    yu just got durrred


    Ledered : I'm getting durred.
    Esfandiari : Me too.
    Phill Lak : We're all getting durred :D