Daily Rewind - Zynga Ready to Gamble, E-Dog Owes Money, Brunson vs Negreanu

In today's Daily Rewind we check out the latest developments at Zynga Poker, hear about another potential scandal in the making and visit the ongoing war between Doyle Brunson and Daniel Negreanu.

Zynga Ready to Gamble

Since its inception Zynga has grown into a social gaming giant with over 200 million active users and an estimated net worth of around $10 billion.

One major catalyst to its success has been the company’s Texas Hold’em game which has tapped into a previously unexplored demographic. While the free play often generates amusement amongst the poker community’s intelligentsia, the company’s plans to hit the real money arena present some interesting ramifications for the industry.

Indeed, while Zynga plans to enter into the online poker market remain tentative, the company’s CEO, Mark Pincus, recently described online gambling and social gaming as a “natural fit”.

Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom conference, Pincus said: “The amount of innovation you’re going to see around gambling as an entertainment mechanic is going to be mind-blowing.”

He went on to describe how they are looking to partner with a major casino operator, adding: “we have incredible respect and admiration for brands and groups like the Wynn.”

This news comes in tandem with Zynga announcing that they are launching their own platform, Zynga.com, which will become the new destination for all their games.

This subtle migration away from Facebook could be the first steps to a new player in the online game.

Mark Pincus

In the E-Dog House

It emerged yesterday that Erick “E-Dog”Lindgren allegedly owes more the $150,000 to various players. The rumours came to light when 2+2 poster, “$kill Game”, started a thread which explained how he is owed $11,000 in Fantasy League bets.

In addition to owing “$kill Game”, it is also believed Lindgren owes “Kaj_Kyle and “ahh_snap” a combined figure of $134,000.

While the allegations are yet to be verified, an email exchange between another player owed money, “Interpleader”, and Lindgren was printed in the thread:

Feb 22 – “Interpleader”:
Hey Man, I have been really patient and really nice. I'll give you until the end of the week to get my money or I'm sending an email our with our conversations to every poker player I know, posting on 2+2 and possibly hiring a lawyer.”

Feb 24 – Lindgren:
Hey man, just seeing your emails, sorry have been insanely busy with 3 month old, moving and getting back to playing.

You have every right to do whatever you would like but i do promise I can get a check in the mail by tomorrow. I am in LA but have to go home tonight after poker to take care of some things. Hope that is ok.”

At this point no cheque has been received.


Dominik Enters Power 20

Just in case you missed it, PokerStrategy.com CEO Dominik Korn Kofert received some positive news this week as he was named as one of the industry’s top 20 figures.

Saddled alongside other poker luminaries such as PokerStars founder Isai Scheinberg, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus and US Senator Jon Kyl, Dominik and PokerStrategy.com were praised for being, “the world’s most popular content site”.

Tweets at Dawn

In his latest blog he urged his detractors not to “bring a baseball bat to a gun fight!” and it seems as though Doyle Brunson wasn’t kidding. After publishing his rant, the poker veteran faced a wave of opinions from both the media and his peers.

Unsurprisingly Daniel Negreanu had something to say as the pair engaged in another Twitter skirmish. “Texas Dolly” got the ball rolling by sarcastically thanking the 2+2 Pokercast for mentioning his blog:

@TexDolly: “ty:-)... RT @MaxGhezzi Kudos to @2p2Pokercast for their commentary on @TexDolly's latest blog, Yep, good 'ol Doyle has finally lost it...”

The 140 character assaults then continued with Negreanu and Bill Rini chiming in.

Doyle Tweet

This one looks like it’s going to continue for a while yet as the Full Tilt saga continues to divide the poker community.

High Stakes Corner

The most entertaining high stakes practitioner in the world hit the tables again yesterday and blew a hole in the competition. Viktor “Isilidur1” Bloom came back from a week’s break to bank almost $600,000 in just 10 hours of play.

The young Swede started the day at the $25/$50 PLO tables before moving up the ranks to the $100/$200 games, taking “Sauce123” for $60,000 in the process. When he’d finally finished for the day he was $577,000 better off, a figure which made “LuckyGump”’s $156,810 profit look almost pitiful.

Not faring so well at the virtual felt was “MaiseE” who dropped $256,362 in just 1,238 hands.

Daily Signoff

With Erick Lindgren on our mind we thought we'd relive some highlights from his 2008 WSOP HORSE final table with Michael DeMichelle and Scotty Nguyen. Enjoy this one, baby.

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  • mancikaa


    If Zynga really goes for real money games, it will boost the online poker to a crazy new level. Im lookig forward to it. Zynga is awesome.
  • conall88


    time to buy shares in zynga.

    I'm gonna do it anyway!
  • RobertDaPro


    good idea #2

    Any idea when it would be happening and 100% sure?
  • boboistina


    If they were planning to do this for a year or more they should have jumped at the opportunity of buying Fulltilt when it presented itself.

    I mean few hundred million $ pricetag would be pocket change for a company worth 10 billion $ and they would get a site with possibly the best software, huge already existing playerbase, and withing few years they would probaly overtake Stars to become the biggest online site.

    And not to mention all of us with money on FTP would be spared of "Im buying FTP, or am I?" GBT soap opera.