Daily Rewind: 8 Tables of Zoom, Negreanu's Limit Challenge, Scott Hall's Winning

In today's Daily Rewind we find out that players can now play up to eight tables of Zoom Poker, take a look at Daniel Negreanu's heads-up Limit Hold'em Challenge and see how Scott "stpauli111" Hall won four major online tournaments in one evening.

The Daily Rewind is your one-stop-shop for a sharp review of the day in poker. Join us here for a mix of the latest news and a more irreverent insight into the poker world. Today we discovered the following topics for you:

Zoom to the top by 8-tabling

8-tabling Zoom Poker - can you keep up?
PokerStars have released an update to their software that now allows players to sit at up to eight Zoom tables, so long as they can keep up with the potential 2,000+ hands per hour that this provides.

Previously, the limit of 24 tables at once applied to Zoom as well, each table of which counted as four tables. This meant the maximum amount of Zoom tables that you could play was restricted to six. However, Zoom tables now only count for three tables, so playing up to eight at once is possible.

You are still restricted to four tables per stake, so players will have to mix and match limits or six-max and full ring games in order to maximise their Zoom volume. If you do play faster than average, your 24-table cap is automatically increased.

Negreanu v. rUaBot Limit Hold'em Challenge Tonight

Those who want a fix of high stakes Limit Hold'em action can tune into PokerStars tonight where Daniel Negreanu will be taking on unknown Limit Hold'em specialist "rUaBot" over 1,250 hands of $200/$400 at two heads-up tables.

The action begins at 19:00 GMT tonight and each player has a $75,000 bankroll behind them. Negreanu's game of choice as he worked his way up the poker rankings was Limit Hold'em - will his old skillset see him through tonight's action?

Daniel Negreanu pondering at EPT Monte Carlo earlier this week.
Source: PokerStarsBlog

2+2 forums to return in one week?

A tweet from 2+2 moderator and poker journalist Kevin "kevmath" Mathers indicates a longer-than-expected wait for players wishing to return to the 2+2 forums. According to 2+2 boss Mason Malmuth, the forums will be returning one week from today:

This has provoked some negative reaction from players hoping to use 2+2 to sell shares for the upcoming World Series of Poker.

If you can't wait a week to discuss poker and analyse hands then our own forums are always welcoming of new members.

High stakes corner

Four tournaments, one man: Scott Hall
We reported in today's High Stakes Round-up that Ben Tollerene was crowned April's biggest winner with a $1.3 million month, but it was the other Ben ("Sauce123" Sulsky) that lead the action last night. According to HSDB, "Sauce123" had a $137,000 day at the Omaha tables yesterday.

Most of this came courtesy of Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies, who lost over $200,000 and is now down over $700,000 for 2012.

On the tournament front, Scott "stpauli111" Hall had a phenomenal day at PokerStars earlier this week with a staggering four tournament wins in one day. These weren't just small-field mid-stakes games, either: he was victorius in the $200 rebuy, the $55 rebuy, the $215 Supersonic and the Bigger $162 for a combined total of over $120,000.

Daily Signoff

We usually like to have a link to an earlier Rewind story with our Daily Signoff, but today we're abandoning all pretense and just giving you a brand-new video of the World Poker Tour's Royal Flush Girls at a burlesque show in Paris. You're welcome.

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  • sufix645


    Thats a nice run for Scott lol
  • Waiboy


    Royal Flush girls should definitely have gotten more into the spirit of the club... and in this case as often it is, less is definitely more.
  • lessthanthreee


    8 tabling zoom. WTF . thats pretty crazy. my respect for anyone that can do it.
  • alenstrat


    Wow, that's sick. How the hell can someone ship 4 tourneys in a day? And in high buyin levels!
  • zumpar


    poor negreanu
  • lvandren


    I don't get it - I tried to get 8 tables of zoom, but was only able to open 4 of them in the same game.
    True I could open 4 short handed and 4 full ring, which totals to 8, but wanted to open 8 short handed. Any comments on this?