Daily Rewind: Cake & Lock's Deal, Bonus Hand at PokerStars, bwin.party's US Move

In today's Daily Rewind we examine Cake and Lock Poker's deal, see who took down PokerStars' 80 Billionth hand and check out the bwin.party's latest US deal.

The Daily Rewind is your one-stop-shop for a sharp review of the day in poker. Join us here for a mix of the latest news and a more irreverent insight into the poker world. Today we discovered the following topics for you:

Cake Poker to sell assets to Lock Poker

lock logo
Lock acquire Cake assets
Cake Gaming, owner of Cake Poker, is currently selling some of its assets to Lock Poker.

The company's press release details the benefits of such a deal:

"Curacao, Dutch Antilles, May 7th, 2012 – Cake Gaming N.V. has announced today it is in the process of selling selected assets to Lock Poker, enabling Lock to rebrand the existing Cake Network to Revolution Gaming. Cake will continue operations providing all of its current Network partners, sites and players the opportunity to be part of the Revolution Gaming Network.

Cake is excited about the benefits this deal will offer all of its partners and players, including increased player rewards, a richer tournament schedule and new product features. This deal also allows Cake to focus efforts on its current European, South American and Asian business with another exciting announcement to soon follow."

Lock Poker was one of the largest members of the Merge Gaming Network, and alongside this takeover of Cake the two sites will form a brand new network - Revolution Gaming.

We'll be sure to update you again closer to when the site merger occurs, which will likely be at the start of June.

Milestone Money for Micros

Nine PokerStars players hit the jackpot over the weekend after the site’s 80 billionth hand landed at the table “Rosa V Fast - $0.10/$0.25 – No Limit Hold’em”. Unlike in previous jackpot hands, every player at the table understood the rules and didn’t make a costly fold.

Once all the money was in, the pot stood at $214.09 but nobody at the table was interested in that. After the cards had been revealed it was “funex700”’s As5d that hit the Qc4sThAh5c board hardest to scoop $22,940. 

The rest of the table claimed a at least $10,000 each for their part in the landmark moment.

80 billion
80,000,000,000 reasons to smile

Bwin.Party Join with UAIC

One of the world’s largest poker operators, bwin.party, has recently entered into a formal agreement with Californian casino operator, United Auburn Indian Community (UAIC).

The partnership will see UAIC take charge of acquiring the licences required to offer online poker in California, while bwin.party will share their player base and software expertise.

According to Jim Ryan and Norbert Teufelberger, Co-CEOs of bwin.party, the partnership with the UAIC will “create a strong partnership that is well-placed to seize the opportunities that will arise if appropriate online poker legislation is enacted in the Golden State.”

High Stakes Corner

He’s one of the most recognisable high stakes cash game players in the world, but Viktor Blom is also becoming a tournament beast.

Having already proved his MMT mettle at this year’s PCA Super High Roller Event, Blom has now claimed an online title after taking down SCOOP's second event.

8,240 players started out on the first day of the $215 event, but by the time the clock was paused just 89 remained.

Blom started Day 2 in 16th and continued to crush the field all the way to the final table.

blom win
Viktor Victorious

Holding the chip lead at the start of the final allowed Blom to cruise until just two were left. A swift heads-up battle – just 5 hands – with "RaisingRay91"brought the event to a close and gifted Blom with $247,200.

Viktor is also running well in the second day of the $530 rebuy event, which reaches a conclusion today.

Daily Signoff

Luck often swings both ways in poker but not quite so dramatically as it does in this hand featuring Kara Scott.

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  • BoyRobot777


    how about PS telling something about FTP?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @1 i dont think we are gonna hear any thing soon think stars is gonna take there time negotiating whiv the D.O.J. but ime whiv you on hearing some4 nes bout ftp but theres none sadly
  • boboistina


    Not PS fault Stars are keeping thier mouths shut. i know it sucks i'm annoyed by the drama too, and i dont think we'll get any news soon.

    Stars are negotiating with DOJ since BF and i dont think acquring FTP is gonna speed things up.
  • lynius


    I thought they were buying ftp for 700 mill or something. I can appreciate a deal that size may take a while.
  • Waiboy


    @1 TBH most news about FTP is that it is in some state of transition to a hopeful near positive resolution. Any time you feel like you need an update, just re-read that first sentence.

    Otherwise endless FTP news updates are along the lines of "BSK (Big Swinging Knob (tm)), Dave Moneybags, has farted in the general direction of FTP players, hinting at a whiff of repayment. Mr Moneybags fart was quoted as saying "we're hopeful all players will be paid soon and in full at some indeterminate point in the future".
  • Waiboy


    OT: Once FTP deal goes through, doesn't this Cake/Lock deal make them the next biggest target for the DoJ - given that their cyber poker police will be at a bit of a loose end?
  • kari9


    Viktor "Isildur1" Blom wins another SCOOP title (Event 03-H $530+R NLHE) for $160,000 haha, sick he is the beast


    @7 vicktor is one sick dude!! wauw 2scoop ebents in like 3 days dang!!!
  • ImDaNuts121


    In ! year im goning to be the Best hi stacks player in 1 year