Daily Rewind: Consecutive Hands Record, Galfond Blogs, ISPT & PokerStars Espana

In today's Daily Rewind we sweat a world record with PokerStrategy.com coach MuckeDBoY, read about how Phil Galfond became a balla, get the latest on the ISPT and see why PokerStars are talking to the Spanish.

The Daily Rewind is your one-stop-shop for a sharp review of the day in poker. Join us here for a mix of the latest news and a more irreverent insight into the poker world. Today we discovered the following topics for you:

PokerStrategist in Poker Marathon

PokerStrategy.com coach MuckeDBoY made history over the weekend after completing a staggering 52,200 hands of poker without stopping. 

After setting up camp in the PokerStrategy.com offices, MuckeDBoY embarked on a 21 hour and 6 minute grind in a bid to break the world record.

Despite losing $4,056 during the session his accumulated rakeback and FPPs will cover the loss, leaving him not only in profit but a world record holder.

To officially verify his attempt, Guinness World Records will study the case and give a final verdict sometime in the coming weeks.

New world record

An Insight into the World of Galfond

He certainly has a way words when it comes to poker analysis but in his latest blog entry, Phil Galfond has demonstrated an affinity for a more prosaic style.

Having alerted his Twitter followers that he was in the process of an epic 5,000 word article, he finally uploaded his efforts earlier today.

His original intention was a post laden with advice, observations and details on his passage through the poker world. However, when he got to the section on his beginnings in poker he felt it “was a story” that “flowed differently”.

Some of the highlights include: using his Bar-Mitzvah money to deposit $50 online, making $30/hour in SNGs, a female housemate who assumed he was gay and a typically statistical breakdown of his leisure and poker time.

Galfond's way with words

Wembley to Host ISPT

The much anticipated International Stadiums Poker Tour has been scheduled for May 2013 at the home of English football, Wembley Stadium.

The hybrid online and live tournament will carry a €600 entry fee and have provisions for up to 30,000 players.

For those that register, the action will kick off on May 31st and conclude on June 6th when a winner will be crowned on the famous Wembley pitch.

Commenting on the new tournament, creators Laurent Tapie and Prosper Marquelier said:

“We hope that this event will be fondly remembered by the participants and that it breaks all records. We had to consider an exceptional set up, a location that can host 30,000 people. Wembley seemed like the perfect option.”

A new era in tournament poker

PokerStars to Talk with Spanish Community

Yesterday we brought you news of Spain’s request for backdated tax from anyone wanting an online poker licence within their shores.

The news has caused many to question their place in the Spanish market, but a recent move by PokerStars may signal their desire to stick with their application.

Despite the possibility of having to pay €200 million, PokerStars have invited representatives from Poker-Red (a large Spanish poker community) to discuss future plans for PokerStars.ES.

Two members of the site, along with reps from EducaPoker, will meet staff in Barcelona on May 21st to discuss a range of issues, including: specific promotions, tailored tournaments and cash games.

By for the most important section on the agenda will be the impact of tax on cash game rake.

While PokerStars’ plans are unclear, this move certainly demonstrates a willingness to explore all possible avenues in the newly regulated Spanish market.

High Stakes Corner

deeb happy
Deeb Dominating
Shaun Deeb and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom continue to dominate this year’s SCOOP leaderboard after finishing 20th and 16th respectively in Event #20.

Another MTT veteran, James “mig.com” Mackey, also managed a deep run in the $2,100 event, finishing just ahead of Deeb and Blom in fourth. The eventual winner, Sweden’s “SUNDAYKING”, took home $293,250. 

Another online legend who managed to take down a big score was Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo. The American just missed out on another 2012 tournament title after finishing second in the $1,050 NLHE/PLO event for $62,130.

Daily Signoff

When he made his first $50 deposit online he probably didn't think that in a few short years he'd be bluffing Phil Ivey on national TV. However, when you put as much effort into the game as Phil Galfond, great things can happen.

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  • BrendanH


    Nice work MuckeDBoY!
  • RobertDaPro


    Did he play zoom or what? How many tables? No beak at all? What about toilet?
  • Heffron89


    Lol world record? Joeingram got like 51k hands playing 100bb poker and have a profit! This guy just playes CAP
  • MichaelGotAA


    Nice job MuckeDBoY.
  • grindtolive


    could you post the volume record for 9 man full ring turbo sngs?
  • Dendra


    Props for the number of hands but gotta agree with heffron89, there are far sicker grinders out there for this to be a record, perhaps the recorded one but not the sickest.

    In a way it's like saying you did the fastest climb from the first floor to the fifth floor and sure enough it may be the fastest recorded climb, but every kid from school probably does the same on daily basis.