Daily Rewind: Ivey is God, WPT Barcelona, High Roller Loses £1 Billion

In today's Daily Rewind the experts weigh in on Phil Ivey, who has also announced his Caesars Cup Team. We have the latest from WPT Barcelona and we learn about the High Roller who lost £1 billion in 14 months.

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Ivey is God, reveals Caesars Cup Team

As the build up for the new Bet Raise Fold documentary increases, a new outtake from the movie has been revealed, where the experts discuss why Phil Ivey 'is God':

Ivey has also revealed his picks for the Caesars Cup, which takes place next week during the WSOP APAC. The formidable lineup of Daniel Negreanu, Greg Merson, Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari.

WPT Barcelona Day 1A

//d3ltpfxjzvda6e.cloudfront.net/2013/04/05/cates.pngWith all the bracelet fever taking place in Australia you would be forgiven for not knowing there were other tournaments taking place. One such notable event is the €3,500 WPT Barcelona Main Event, which started yesterday.

106 players bought in for Day 1A yesterday, with 59 making it to Day 2. Among the notable survivors we have Kevin MacPhee, Marcin Wydrowski, Toby Lewis, Bryn Kenney, Steve O'Dwyer and Daniel 'Adminjunglemandan' Cates.

Day 1B is already underway, stay tuned to the Daily Rewind for more updates.

The Magician has made it

You know you've made it when a huge billboard with your image is hanging high in Times Square. One Drop champion and poker's current hottest property Antonio Esfandiari proved he is one of the most famous players on the planet right now with this shot from the heart of New York:


High Stakes Corner

The WSOP APAC is not the only focus on the Crown Casino right now with the media, there is also the small matter of a businessman who has lost £1 billion there, including AUD $164 million in five hours.

According to the Daily Mail, real-estate tycoon Harry Kakavas is taking the Crown Casino to court in an attempt to get some of his money back. He claims the casino knew he had a serious gambling problem, but they lured him back to their high roller tables anyway.

Kakavas is said to have played for up to $300,000 a hand at baccarat and has even served jail time for stealing $286,000 from friends to feed his habit.

Daily Signoff

Why does everyone think Ivey is the greatest? Because of stuff like this:

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  • EmanuelC16


    lol@high stakes corner story.. "I am not an adult, the casino is responsible for my bad habbits, I should not lose money because I am irresonsible.." just *facepalm*
  • zumpar


    He claims the casino knew he had a serious gambling problem, but they lured him back to their high roller tables anyway.

    :D:D:D waaaaaaat
  • Pokerfeisas1990


    1 billion awersome, why he play if have big money..
  • Vip3rNZ


    gambles away $1,000,000,000... wtf? most people gamble just to get anything close to 1/1000 of that.
  • Vip3rNZ


    LOL the part about sueing them for luring him back to gamble more is just funny as hell.

    Thats like a fat person sueing maccas because they got lured back when they didnt need any more then ate till they spewed.
  • zumpar


    the thing is, how the fuck do you gamble away 1000000000? even @ the highest stakes at macau, which arent bigger than 5000/10000 from what ive heard, you'd have to lose 1000 BI's.... thats just impossible, it would take a maga fish a lifetime to lose that on live poker
  • zumpar


    assuming he lost it on poker obv
  • mute20


    wowww Imagine someone works all their life and then they gamble it allllll away in one night.
  • i5bet72o


    #6, the article mentoins that he was playing baccarat atleast part of the time.

    And sueing the casino is rediculus. Well alot of American lawsuits in general are rediculus. Remember the guy who successfully sued McDonalds for $2 million after spilling hot coffee on his lap.
  • suvalgysiu


    He definetely would've given it back the next day if he had won.