Daily Rewind: LAPC Winner, Negreanu's Rant, FS+G Files for Bankruptcy

Today we recap on the final table from the LAPC. There's bad news for the Epic Poker League, Daniel Negreanu is back with some more ranting and Doyle defends his corner in his latest blog.

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Federated Sports & Gaming files for bankruptcy

Annie Duke
Epic Poker League's Annie Duke.
The controversial Epic Poker League hit an alltime low yesterday following the announcement that its parent company, Federated Sports & Gaming has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

A news item titled "A Message to the Poker Community" released on the FS+G website reports that "our company needs a new start".

Jeffrey Pollack, Executive Chairman of the FS+G,  speaks of restructuring the business and intends to "accomplish this by entering into an agreement with another firm that shares our passion and vision".

EPL Commisioner Annie Duke yesterday informed league members that the bankruptcy filing does not equate to liquidation, "and it is not the end of the Epic Poker League".

She goes on to explain: "I do not know exactly when we will stage Event 4 and the Season One Championship, but, again, it is our intention to complete Season One".

You can find further information on the developments surrounding the Epic Poker League in the latest column of PokerStrategy.com editor Matt Kaufman who has commented in detail on the situation.

One for the underdog: Jazayeri ships LAPC Main Event

Sean Jazayeri is a man much more comfortable in a boardroom surrounded by high flying execs than he is at a poker table; or so you would have thought.

Jazayeri started last night's WPT LAPC final table as the chip leader amongst some of poker's finest young minds. 

While he couldn't be classed as an outright amateur, with a mere $160,000 in tournament cashes to date, Jazayeri was facing opponents with $7.5 million in live tournament winnings between them; opponents who were comfortable under the spotlight of major championship final tables.

The likes of Kelly, Sands, Somerville and Schwartz were the overwhelming bookies favourites coming into the final, but a combination of cards, perseverance and heart saw the IT strategist from Washington take down the title and a hefty cheque for $1.37 million after defeating David "Doc" Sands heads-up.

sean jaza
One for the old guard: Sean Jazayeri wins the WPT LA Poker Classic Main Event

 LA Poker Classic Main Event Final Table

Place Name Prize
1st Sean Jazayeri
2nd David "Doc" Sands $806,370
3rd Dan Kelly
4th Noah Schwartz
5th Jason Burt $252,980
6th Jason Somerville $202,910
  Players: 549 | Prize pool: $5,011,200 | 

Negreanu's weekly rant

Daniel Negreanu released his latest V-Blog yesterday.

Featuring a customary attack on Howard Lederer, who he labels as a "guilty weasel", Negreanu praises the Commerce poker room in Los Angeles for its well organised setup and commends Bill Rini on a thoughtful blog.

High stakes corner

It was another action packed day over at PokerStars yesterday, where February's new sensation "MaiseE" continued his dominance after banking another $123k according to HighStakesDB.

Three of the usual suspects also fared well yesterday, with Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond and PokerStrategists jenskyllonen and mTw-DaviN each snaring over $100,000 apiece.

Doyle defends his stance

"Make your own opinion about it" says Doyle
Poker veteran Doyle Brunson came in for criticism from the poker community last week after the defence of Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson.

Daniel Negreanu, who Doyle labels as a "good friend" was one of the first to jump on Brunson's defence of the disgraced Full Tilt duo.

This week Doyle has answered back to his critics on his blog, claiming it's "obvious that Bitar has far more knowledge of FT affairs than Lederer".

Doyle admits that the Brunson family was hit hard by the FTP shutdown, and that he's not as wealthy these days as some might think. "Look into my lock boxes and see the empty rubber bands", he quips.

Daily Signoff

Today we take a look back at a comedy hand from the 2005 WSOP Main Event. This is what happens when you take poker way too seriously...

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  • xlesleyx


    lmao loved that rewind 'i played so good for three days'
  • EmanuelC16


    Lederer, FTP, gone.
    Duke, EPL, gone.

    Both say/said: They are working for the players.

    Runs in the family to get companies bankrupt. Almost forgot about UB...
  • Alficor1


    That guy kinda reminds me of Hellmuth always bragging how he hasnt been allin in a tournament just yet.
  • mishkagg


    what can one say save "what a ginger retard!"
  • i5bet72o


    the friedman reaction was pretty funny. He called the river with the second nuts and lost, and he seems like he is about to cry.