Daily Rewind: New Online Security Firm, LAPC Latest and Galfond's Flat on Sale

In today's Daily Rewind we introduce a new law in town and get the latest from the LAPC; including Phil Ivey's return to action. We also offer up a slice of high stakes living for a mere $3.9 million. All that plus another action-packed day at high stakes tables.

A New Law in Town

Unlike many other facets of society, the poker community has always maintained a close-knit status and worked hard to weed out unscrupulous insiders.

Indeed, over the years almost every major scandal has been unearthed and dealt with by the game’s respected players. However, while our online world has become adept at sussing out cheats, it can’t always catch some crimes in time.

That all looks set to change, though, as PokerSec, a new security company formed by HHSmithy and information security firm SeNet, has sprung into action.

Like Robocop, this new corporation aims to clean up the virtual streets and bring to justice those looking to win by any means possible.

Working with online operators directly, PokerSec will work to "preserve the integrity of the game" by advising and implementing a series of backend features to help detect backdoors, prevent superusers and fix any coding errors a site might have.

Selbst Bests Duhamel

Vanessa Selbst continued to prove why she’s one of the best tournament players in the world this week by taking down the preliminary $5,000 event at the L.A. Poker Classic.

The star-studded event saw an elite field of 98 players take to the felt on Day 1, all in search of the $140,294 first place prize.

Only one player could come through the chip storm, however, and after getting the better of Jonathan Duhamel it was Selbst who took all the plaudits.

Despite finishing in second place, Jonathan Duhamel added another healthy handful of points to his yearly total to remain top of the Global Poker Index.

Ivey Watch

While Vanessa Selbst was busy posing for photos and fielding questions from the poker press, another story was breaking at the LAPC. Having kept a low profile since the demise of Full Tilt, Phil Ivey emerged at the Commerce Casino yesterday to compete in his first major tournament since boycotting the WSOP.
As expected the forums lit up with railbirds calling for those on the ground to confront Ivey during the $10,000 main event. One poster, “Your Mom”, summed up the tone of the thread early by writing: “every hand he should be asked where the **** our money is.”

As yet, however, the tension seems to be confined to the forums as Phil managed to survive the first day and go home with 32,000 chips.

Indeed, the initial vitriol soon turned to admiration in the 2+2 thread with many posters focusing on Ivey’s watch, which is believed to be Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Skeleton valued at $97,000.


Buy a Slice of High Stakes Living

We covered it a few weeks ago when Phil Galfond mentioned that he had to sell his luxury penthouse apartment in New York and now the property has finally hit the open market.

Famed for its interconnecting slide between the two apartments, the property, which is located in Manhattan’s East Village, is currently on the market for $3,990,000.

Having bought the two apartments for $3,200,000 in 2008, Galfond, like many other online pros, has been forced to relocate due to the online poker restrictions currently in place across America.

If you’re interested in buying the property or just want to see how the nosebleed heroes of the game live, then check out the vendor’s website.

Galfond's House

High Stakes Corner

Jens “Jenskyllonen” Kyllonen emerged from yesterday’s high stakes action with a mammoth profit, banking $429,000 for the day.

The majority of his winnings came from the flurry of action that raged on the $100/$200 PLO tables at PokerStars. His win took his yearly tally to over $1,500,000, a figure which puts him over $400,000 ahead of his closest rival.

Not faring so well at the virtual felt yesterday was Ville Wahlbeck who dropped a bankroll blasting $666,000. The Finnish pro was up over $500,000 this year, but after faltering in the last 24 hours that profit has now gone up in smoke.

Daily Signoff

Sometimes past words can come back to haunt you. Indeed, it now seems that some players might want to echo Phil Ivey’s demands in this vintage confrontation with Doyle Brunson.

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  • Kevmath


    Ivey's in the top 5 at the end of day 1 of the LAPC.
  • TheMoment


    Duhamel should improve his HU play
  • JBCD71


    Everyone bad mouthing Phil Ivey should end it.He is certainly one of the best in the game.And innocent till proven quilty otherwise.Last time i looked he wasnt charged for anything.Your friend always Johnny Aces Cabral
  • JBCD71


    I agree with Matt Savage.Vanessa is one of the best Woman players,if not the best woman player.She can certainly play with the best of them male or female.Johnny Aces Cabral


    1. Vanessa is not a woman.
    2. Nice taste Galfond. Sick place.
    3. Ivey is good @ FT scam. Low profile and stuff. Respect for that.lol
    4. Wtf, they were arguing about. Cant understand a word!
  • Alficor1


    I would kill to have a flat like Galfond does.
  • BObamaJr


    Now I can see what Galfond used to stop tilting while -500K.
  • M1rCea


    Lol @ this guy always signing w/ Johnny Aces Cabral, actually googled him thinking he was some kind of poker superstar.
  • BObamaJr


    ^HE IS! He has 5(!) followers on twitter.
  • JBCD71


    LOL.I see i got some haters.I dont mind the negative remarks.Little do you know who i am.But you guys making remarks about me tells me one thing.I got you talking.Thats my objective.Johnny ACES Cabral
  • antonnotna1984


    she is dyke
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    don't worry Johnny ACES Cabral they are jealous of your success and the fact that you are a super star with a super duper nick name!! THE JOHNY ACES CABRAL!! Even Chuck Norris would be jealous
  • DukeXIII


    By the way.. You are sooo smart as well.
    I mean about your objective.. YOU MADE THEM TALK!!!! SO COOL!! HOW YOU RE DOING THIS MAN?? Who are you anyway?? THE JOHNY ACES CABRAL???? :D
  • DukeXIII


    and why everybody keeps arguing about Vanessa?? Of course he s a man!! Give the guy a break guys !!
  • rossd152


    Why cant you just give credit where credit is due??..and not anything else, she's a female player having huge success in a male dominated game alot of respect for her for that
  • JohanRember


    Vannessa selbst, what a hero. I watched one of his coaching videos just last night.