Daily Rewind: Robl on Tony G, PT4 Beta Release, iSeriesLIVE, Elie/Campos

Today Andrew Robl bites back at Tony G, we take a peek at PokerTracker 4's beta release and look forward to poker's latest innovation, iSeriesLIVE. We also get the latest from the Chad Elie and John Campos trial.

The Daily Rewind is your one-stop-shop for a sharp review of the day in poker. Join us here for a mix of the latest news and a more irreverent insight into the poker world. Today we discovered the following topics for you:

Robl: I'm better than Tony G

Internet pro Andrew Robl spoke to the PartyPoker Blog yesterday about his war of words with Tony G and his chances coming into the PartyPoker Big Game early next month.

The Big Game hits Vienna on the 11th April and Robl claims he is "a big favourite to take part and certainly win if Tony is at the table." According to Robl, "when it comes to playing Tony, the bigger the game the better."

It will be interesting to see how the long running battle plays out next month. A live stream with holecards will be available over at the PartyPoker Blog.

Andrew Robl
Will Robl get one up over his old enemy Tony G?

PokerTracker 4 beta release

The long awaited PokerTracker 4 software is due to hit the shops soon and PokerStrategists can test out the beta version to get an idea of what to expect before general release.

The new generation of software includes a plethora of new cutting edge features, and according to PokerTracker "will retain the raw power of customizable statistics and reports while being simple enough to use out of the box."

Don't forget that if you buy PT3 now, you will automatically be eligible for a free version of PT4 on its general release. Check out the new software yourself here.


News reaches us today of the latest interactive poker programming to hit our screens.

iSeriesLIVE is a new televised format which "allows consumers to watch top poker players - live with hole cards exposed - and bet on the action as it happens."

The first event takes place on April 5th in Dublin and will see the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Carlos Mortenson and Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott all square off in a €10,000 buy-in, winner-take-all ten person shootout.

For this event, live betting will be offered exclusively by Irish sportsbook PaddyPower. Online viewers will be able to bet on a number of in-play outcomes, including odds (that change based on evolving chip stacks) to win the table, next player eliminated, last longers, and the flop (red or black).

Another interesting point is that each participating player "will actually receive a revenue split of all money that is bet on or against them during the live events".

Phil Hellmuth spoke excitedly about this latest poker innovation to hit the market, claiming that "for poker to continue to grow, the game needs to become more immediate to our fans". One thing's for sure, iSeriesLIVE looks set to certainly shake up televised poker as we know it.

Find out more about iSeriesLIVE at their official site.

The Chad Elie and John Campos Trial: What evidence is admissible?

john campos
Campos in for a fight
Chad Elie and John Campos are two individuals who were indicted on Black Friday for their alleged involvement with payment processing between US-based customers and poker sites.

Unlike some of their contemporaries, Elie and Campos have decided to fight the charges against them in court. Yesterday, Elie/Campos and the US government submitted their requests with respect to what evidence they believe should and should NOT be admissible for use in the case.

Elie and Campos requested:

• that accusations that Elie allegedly stole $4 million from PokerStars not be brought up.
• that the court prevents the government from mentioning PartyGaming's departure from the US market in any context.

The government requested:

• permission to present information related to Elie's professional background and alleged theft of $4 million.
• permission to present evidence related to Campos' involvement with SunFirst Bank, and the payment he personally received for his involvement with processing online poker payments through the bank.
• that the court prevents Elie and Campos from making arguments related to poker itself, and from discussing the government's motives in pursuing this case.

Although it is somewhat likely that their requests are filled, Elie and Campos' attorneys will still have plenty of work to do if they want to convince a court of their innocence. The trial is scheduled to begin on April 9th, 2012.

High stakes corner

This week's action at the highstakes PLO tables on PokerStars has been nothing short of prolific, and yesterday was no different.

The day was owned by Swiss sensation Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser who obliterated all that stood in his way. Kaiser will wake up $425,000 richer today, according to HighStakesDB.

It was a painful 24 hours at the felt for "mikki696" who was easily the day's biggest loser, having dropped nigh on $300,000.

Daily Signoff

Today's Signoff looks at a short film from Team PokerStars Online player Tyler "frosty012" Frost, detailing just how he made it into the Supernova Elite club and what drives him to play poker.

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    Cool story by ''frosty012''. I agree that you don't have to sacrifice other things in your life you love to play poker professionally. But until you ''get there'' I think that you have to...
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    xandrew36 +1
    not sacrifice all the things you love,but you have to make some sacrifices ... put in the hours...
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    No discount for pt3 for ps members?
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    stuff like iSeries can really really f... up and destroy poker
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    agreed is just degen prop betting........tho i'm a degen but still now? when poker is so weak to make a play like this is just uncaring.