Daily Rewind: WPT Final Table, Kyllonen's attack, Odd_Oddsen wins

Today we get the latest WPT news, fall victim to a shark attack with Jens Kyllonen and prove poker is a game of skill.

Smith tops WPT Five Diamond

Smith in charge
(Image: WPT)
Jean-Robert Bellande's dream of making a WPT final table sadly came to end last night after an all-in with KhQh was met by a call from Dan Smith who was holding AhKc.

Having committed the last of his chips on a Ks8d6s flop, Bellande could only watch and raise a rueful smile as the 5c and Jd completed the board and sent the pot to his opponent.

With nothing but a $52,079 consolation prize left to collect, Bellande made his way to the rail while Smith continued to rake in chips until just six players were left.

By the time Curt Kohlberg's seventh place exit brought the session to a finish, Smith had scooped 3,720,000 chips to top the leaderboard ahead of: Gary Benson (3,110,000), Shaun Suller (2,425,000), Joe Serock (1,615,000), Eddy Sabat (1,540,000) and Barry Hutter (1,265,000).

Today's final session will kick off later and when the action concludes one player will be left with the champion's trophy and $1,161,135.

Jens contracts a virus

Jens is now safe
Following the theft and subsequent return of his laptop during this year's EPT event in Barcelona, Jens 'JensKyllonen' Kyllonen has found out that he was the victim of a new type of cyber crime. 

Suspecting that the incident had left his computer infected with some kind of virus, Jens decided to visit Finnish security experts F-Secure to get things checked out.

After carrying out some tests the technicians concluded that a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) had been installed on the computer and the attacker was able to see all of Jens's activities, including his poker sessions.

F-Secure dubbed the incident as a "sharking attack" and said it was significant because it wasn't carried out online but in person via a USB stick. Moreover, F-Secure believe "sharking attacks" against poker players are now becoming more common.

Ola's political victory

The odd couple
Ola 'Odd_Oddsen' Amundsgard's heads-up showdown with Norwegian politician Erlend Wiborg recently came to a conclusion and, in predictable fashion, it was the former who triumphed.

Having challenged any Norwegian member of parliament to a freeroll match worth $170,000, Amundsgard found a willing participant in Wiborg.

After hammering out the details the match took place last weekend and after seven hours of $0.50/$1 PLO action, Amundsgard was able to beat his opponent into submission.

Using a 100% min-raise from the button strategy and very few fancy moves, Amundsgard sailed to a $5,000 lead and eventually forced Wiborg to give up.

Following the match Wiborg told Norsk Pokerforbund that Amundsgard was "simply too tough" and that he was pleased the match showed the political world that "poker is a game of skill".

'samrostan' became the only six-figure winner of the last 24 hours after scooping $385,745 at the virtual felt. After grinding through 696 hands, the online pro was able to finish more than $300,000 ahead of his closest rivals: 'forhayley' ($48,666) and 'Tight-Man1' ($42,233).

Whilst 'samrostan' was able to top the latest profit chart, things weren't so good for 'punting-peddler', Alexander 'PostflopAction' and Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom. Despite giving it their all, they all entered the latest loss leaderboard.


Say What?

For today's "Say What" caption we want you to give us your best alternative ending to this famous Scotty Nguyen quote:

"It ain't no fun when Scotty's got ___________________."


Daily Signoff

With Jean-Robert Bellande now out of the WPT Five Diamond Classic, we thought we'd leave you today with him demonstrating his excellent reading abilities.

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