Dan Bilzerian playing $1/$2

We recap some of the better YouTube videos of the week including the future of Doug Polk's channel and Joe Ingram spotted playing Hold'em.

Bilzerian broke?

No not really, but he did stop by to play a $1/$2 game this week with vlogger Brad Owen:

bencb goes deep

You usually have to pay for bencb's top level content so whenever he releases a free video on YouTube we have to mention it:

Is Polk quitting poker YouTube?

Not yet, but Doug Polk made a new video this week where he addresses (among other stories) the speculation he won't be making any more poker or crypto videos:

Joey vs Neeme (at Hold'em)

It's no surprise to see two of the biggest YouTubers together during the WSOP, but it is more of a surprise to see Big Papi playing No Limit Hold'em:

The Yogscast home game

You either know these guys or you don't, but the popular gaming channel Yogscast now includes a much watched regular poker home game:

Who are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments:

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