Darren Elias the first player to win four WPT titles

And he overcame one of the most stacked WPT final tables ever seen to do it last night at the Bobby Baldwin Classic.

Darren Elias wins WPT
Darren Elias

All of a sudden the three World Poker Tour titles each of Gus Hansen, Carlos Mortensen, Chino Rheem and Anthony Zinno don't seem so impressive because Darren Elias has become the first player with four.

He defeated a stacked final table with a known player in every seat - Jonathan Little, Sam Panzica, Dietrich Fast, Joe Mckeehen and runner-up Kitty Kuo - to take down the Bobby Baldwin Classic for $387,580.

He didn't have it easy as it took a full three hours heads-up to dispatch of Kuo, but now has the record fourth WPT title to go with his WPT Caribbean, Borgata Poker Open and Fallsview Poker Classic titles (all won in the last four years). 

“It was cool to do something no one has ever done,” Elias said after the event. “I think I do well against the American pros and American recreational players who play in these more so than the European players. These WPTs are mostly in America with mostly American players, so I think that's a lot of the reason for my success."

Taking place right now is the WPT Tournament of Champions, which naturally Elias has a seat in.

WPT Bobby Baldwin Classic
Position Player Prize
1st Darren Elias $387,580
2nd Kitty Kuo $248,380
3rd Joe McKeehen $178,610
4th Dietrich Fast $130,895
5th Sam Panzica $97,795
6th Jonathan Little $74,520
162 entrants

Will we see a five-time winner? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (2)

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  • SDK1987


    Well done. It would be interesting to know how long it will takes before something like will happen in the EPT.
  • BarryCarter


    A long time, there are probably four times as many WPT events every year than EPT