Davidi Kitai Wins the 2012 EPT Berlin!

After five days of play, the EPT Berlin has come to a close and Belgian Davidi Kitai is the champion. Kitai defeated a final table including Andrew Chen and PokerStrategist Mario Puccini to earn €712,000.

Davidi Kitai
Davidi Kitai
745 players entered the EPT Berlin, 8 made it to the final table, and at the end of play just 1 player had all of the chips. That player was Belgian Davidi Kitai, the newest EPT Champion. After agreeing to a deal, Kitai finished with €712,000 and 2nd place finisher Andrew Chen won €613,000. Davidi is the first Belgian player to ever win an EPT Event.

What happened at the final table?

The first bustouts - Pratyush Buddiga was the first player to hit the rail. He went all-in with AcQh against Bahadir Kilickeser, who called him with AsTc and caught a lucky Th on the turn.

Davidi Kitai sent Marc Wright home by calling one of his bluffs. Wright finished in 7th - one place ahead of César "CesarSPA" García, who lost a flip with AcKd against Mario 'Maddyhh' Puccini's QdQs.

Three Germans in a row -
Bahadir Kilickeser believed in his bottom pair with 7c5c on a 8sJc7d flop, and he pushed his chips all-in against Andrew Chen who held KsJs and won the hand.

Mario 'Maddyhh' Puccini was chipleader for a brief period, but he lost some small pots and one big with top pair against a flush draw. His last chips went all-in agaisnt Davidi Kitai, who quickly called and showed QhQd. He was in front against Mario's JsTh, and Puccini finished in 4th place, winning €220,000.

The last German in the field, André 'kickspeed' Morath, followed his planned strategy for the whole final table. He played aggressively preflop and tried to stay out of postflop battles. In his last hand he found Ah3h against Andrew Chen's AdJc. No help came from the board and he was out. Afterwards, André told us that he signed up at PokerStrategy a few weeks ago. His 3rd place finish was good for €290,000.

A hard heads-up battleDavidi Kitai and Andrew Chen fought a merciless heads-up match. Both made some very aggressive bluffs, including a 5-bet shove from Kitai with Js7d. The Belgian player slowly managed to dominate Chen in a high-quality match and made some amazing calls. Finally, Chen went all-in with AdQh and Davidi called with Kd7h. The board ran Kh6s6d3sKs and the full house for Davidi Kitai on the river ended the tournament. Kitai became the 2012 EPT Berlin champion. 

EPT Berlin

Final Table Payouts

Place Name Prize
1st Davidi Kitai €712,000
2nd Andrew Chen €613,000
3rd André kickspeed Morath €290,000
4th Mario Maddyhh Puccini €220,000
5th Bahadir Kilickeser €172,000
6th César García €133,000
7th Marc Wright €97,000
8th Pratyush Buddiga €72,000
Players: 1 (745)   |   Prizepool: €3,725,000

Some pictures from the final day at the EPT Berlin:

The Germans before the final table

Four players left

Andrew Chen right before heads-up play

Lets start!

Davidi Kitai, champion of the 2012 EPT Berlin


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