Diamond member wins $720,000 Spin & Go

Congrats to 'LuKeTroNcH' who yesterday won a 12,000 multiplier game at the $60 level (his second big multiplier game of the month).


Yesterday we saw the biggest multiplier yet for a SpinLegends and PokerStrategy.com member, as Diamond member LuKeTroNcH from our Spanish community found himself in a 12,000x multiplier game at the $60 level.

He was up against two other players fighting for a $720,000 prize pool and a $600,000 first prize, which he managed to take down ($60,000 went to both of the other players). 

This may be the biggest Spin we have had so far at SpinLegends but it is this member's second big multiplier game this month, as he has also played in a $14,400 game, which he took down for $12,000. 

Elsewhere another Diamond member TheLittleFish also played a big multiplier this month, winning a $3,600 game at the $30 level for $3,000. 

Congratulations to both members and we will be trying to get a few words with LuKeTroNcH very soon about his big win.

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