Don Cheadle in a three-way all-in $250k pot

Two Hollywood A-Listers duke it out in a big pot last night but it was a call from Antonio Esfandiari that is worth some further analysis.

Another big hand from this week’s Poker After Dark took place last night between Hollywood actors Don Cheadle and Jennifer Tilly, as well as the Magician Antonio Esfandiari, live streamed on PokerGo.

In the previous hand from the night before Esfandiari managed to find a win with QJ with a massive overbet bluff, but this time he found himself facing the prospect of calling with it holding a draw against the top set of Tilly and the two pair of Cheadle.

We all know Tilly is a true poker fan but if you were in any doubt about whether Cheadle was, look at his reaction afterwards in this $250k pot. Respect also to Tilly for not running it twice. 

Would you have run it twice? Thoughts on Antonio’s call? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (4)

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  • Kyyberi


    Tilly: "I couldn't believe you made the call with gutshot" LOL. Pay attention to the board. Antonio knows it's slightly -EV call, but it's close enough to make good TV poker.
  • CucumbaMan


    Wow. I would definitely not call an allin with a gutshot and someone to act behind me.
  • insomnia666


    @Kyyberi, I think this "I couldn't believe.." was ironic. -EV for sure, -10k , something, like this. He did that for the show :).
  • mardibg


    Is that possible so much happiness?