Doug Polk's unique verification check

We recap some stories you may have missed including poker pros getting nostalgic and watch Maria Konnikova break down a big hand.

Doug gets verified

Whether it's poker or crypto, security is paramount and we should all have verification checks that an imposter would not be able to exploit. 

Retired poker player and crypto expert Doug Polk is understandably a bigger target for scammers than most, so when somebody was posing as him as part of a crypto scam, a fan of his had a unique way to test whether it was the real Doug (click on the Twitter image):

Watch Maria Konnikova review a hand

If you want to see how far a new player can come in just over a year, look no further than this fascinating hand from Maria Konnikova, which was visualised and dissected by her friends over at the Chip Race:

Looking back at the glory days

If you want to see what poker lobbies used to look like back in the day, or are just feeling nostalgic, Kenny Hallaert and Steven Van Zadelhoff spent a lot of last week posting screen shots of their old wins on old software: 

It's worth following both Twitter accounts to see a lot of fun old school poker images, but this one from SCOOP Main Event runner-up Rick Trigg caught this writer's attention, simply because '3,000 chips' was clearly considered deep back in the day:

Cooler of the week

Finally, proof these hands do happen all the time and not just in bad beat posts on forums, Ben Spragg stayed out of the pot but caught this sick cooler on stream:

Got any nostalgic old poker screen shots? Post them here:

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  • CucumbaMan


    I've seen the Doug Polk one, it's pretty hilarious! :) And that cooler is sick too btw.