Duel by PokerStars launching for smartphones

Innovative new one on one poker game by PokerStars designed to fit the mobile lifestyle rolling out soon.

Duel by PokerStars

In a move to introduce poker to new audiences, a completely new format was launched by PokerStars yesterday as they unveiled their hotly anticipated start-and-stop-at-will poker app, Duel by PokerStars.

It’s a Hold'em based game that allows players to challenge their friends to a personal match-off through a text message or messaging service from the major social media networks, all of which are well incorporated into Duel. Play takes place one turn at a time at which point, if you so wish, you can log off before you receive a notification when it’s your turn again. 

This freedom allows for friends in different time zones to play at their convenience or those that want to play in their own time between working unsociable hours. There are both play and real money versions of the app and players can also take part in multiple games at the same time and share performance stats.

Without time constraints, the app is designed to appeal to the mobile generation and hope that its usage, on either iOS or Android, becomes every bit as routine as looking in on the news or checking your social media updates.

At the moment the game, still in its beta form, is only available in Norway before an international roll out later in the year and while Hold'em is its only variant right now, other games and tourneys should be released as popularity rises.

In game play

Duel by PokerStars

Playing over set number of hands, ten if you're playing for fun, twenty if you have money on it, once they have all been completed, the player with the most chips at the end wins.

Players make their decisions for each hand before leaving the game to itself for the time being, until being beckoned to return. Obviously, there is a limit on how long you leave the match which, if exceeded, a player forfeits and folds.

Do the loosened time restrictions appeal to you?

Peter Fryers

Peter Fryers

One part sports betting, one part casino and one part poker, Pete is a journalist and online gaming content writer from the team's UK community.

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Comments (10)

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  • jirikipol


    That is a nice news, but only thing that comes to my mind is if the real money version will not fall victim to people using every single tool possible in order to calculate ranges, optimal play or even "what the fox would have said given occasion" too long time to "think" on the play may kind of ruin it.
  • PokarFace


    So, PS gets rid of cash HU tables and they lunch a Heads Up App that seems will be dominated by GTO sharks...
  • AlphaVillain


    Regarding the previous comments, I really don't think a lot of professionals will be interested in a format in which you get to play 20 hands for your rake and have to wait possibly entire hours for the opponent to make a decision. This will most likely be a fish rake trap and it also helps them with free marketing on social media.
  • lycoreus


    This move will definitely popularise poker and draw more fish to the standard formats.
  • yfbas93


    I agree with #3, I honestly do not think that most of the professionals will even be interested i such a format. Let's see where this is going
  • jules97


    solved this already
  • dizelup


    "Play takes place one turn at a time at which point, if you so wish, you can log off before you receive a notification when it’s your turn again. " Why would anyone start a game of poker if they cannot finish one hand? Who exactly are they targeting with these shit apps? When ppl download apps they do so because they are interested in what the apps have to offer and they will spend at least 5 minutes checking them out. Why would anyone play the flop and then turn off the phone, then come back 2 hours later to play the turn? WTF?
  • MrPink578


    This is interesting. But I'm not sure who successful this app will be. I know I won't be using it.
  • ColorFlusher


    Correspondence chess.. oh wait, poker. I hope it's not the "big, exciting and innovative news" they were supposed to announce this year. I'd be disappointed if it is. I like the way they approach social media and the fact they are trying to attract new people in to the game, but not the game mechanic at all.

    Playing duel feels like a forced routine whereas reading news and checking social media is more of a voluntary routine. You don't want to get your hands folded, right? So you have to check the app often. Many games with similar mechanism have reached their peak volume few years ago and have since been slowly dieing. 5+ years ago this could have been a success, but now? I don't think so.
  • ThatGuyMatt


    #7 - people at work, commuters with dodgy connections. I will give this ago while at work, I don't have time to sit and play properly so having a sneaky hand here or there without the worry of timing out will be nice.

    Seems you're forgetting it's aimed at casual players. Turn based games like this are huge atm, such as "words" . It looks like a very effective way of trying to give the poker bug to new players.