Exclusive: Full Tilt Poker Press Release - 29/09

PokerStrategy.com has received a new press release from Full Tilt Poker in which they comment on the latest happenings regarding their AGCC license.

Find the press release below:

On September 19, 2011, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission reconvened the private hearing originally held on July 26, 2011, regarding its suspension of Full Tilt Poker’s operating licenses.

During the hearing, Full Tilt Poker offered the testimony of an investor interested in acquiring the company. The interested investor testified before the Commission as to its advanced status of negotiations with the company and the terms and conditions of a potential purchase. Full Tilt Poker requested a 30-day adjournment of the hearing to allow for transition of the company to the new investment team.

Today, the Commission announced its decision to revoke three of the four Full Tilt Poker operating licenses, despite the weight of evidence presented at the hearing by Full Tilt Poker of investor interest in acquiring the company. The Commission’s decision to revoke Full Tilt Poker’s operating licenses makes it more difficult to execute the sale of the company and hence repay its players.

Throughout the last few months, Full Tilt Poker has been totally committed to ensuring repayment of its players in full — a commitment that it has expressed repeatedly to the Commission and the company believed that it was engaged in a collaborative effort with the Commission to repay its players. 

Notwithstanding the potential damage done by the Commission and its disregard for our players, Full Tilt Poker remains committed to repaying its players in full and continues in active negotiations. A further statement will follow shortly."

The further statement as announced above, will be published on PokerStrategy.com.

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Comments (43)

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  • BoyRobot777


    all right... now they have an argument to partly take off the blame. I am tired of taking sides, who to blame, whos fault it is. Just fckin do the right thing... i'm looking at my br as a christmas present now.
  • boboistina


    "Throughout the last few months, Full Tilt Poker has been totally committed to ensuring repayment of its players in full"
    During last 3 years you were tottaly commited to steal as much as you can from us.
  • Milename


  • mGoliath


    Aaaa. DEVJATIY!
  • Nitlib


    "will follow shortly"
  • NatRPheM


    That is actually an interesting statement.
  • BoyRobot777


    #12 nice notice... hahaha..
    BTW 6th -_-;;
  • datsmahname


    the AGCC left the door open for FTP to be purchased, no doubt about that.

    I can't help but suggest this does make it more difficult for criminals to profit even more from their crimes.

    FTP should more or less be forfeited over to a much more reputable group of gaming professionals and WHEN FTP is purchased and operated by professionals and the funds are returned, I'll be happy to play there.
  • ruuuic


    "Full Tilt Poker remains committed to repaying its players in full"
    don't worry
  • Slavlk


    FTP made ​​us crazy
  • DannyG13


    My mind is now at ease :)
  • KrutoiChel


    Nice story. I will buy more popcorn:) brb
  • koppesh


    in french investor we trust!
  • f1ush


    Good news! Now i dont worry, everything will be fine :facepalm:
  • hansolobp


    I just realized that I should be using my time for more productive stuff than following all this FT news "all the time"... this thingy is zigzagging more than the DOW and DAX combined...
  • Anger86


    Everything will be be fine. Let's stay positive.
    I'll definitely keep playing there, as soon as it opens. I think, it'll be managed much better.
  • eteris


    hey, how's everyone doing? so one time I was playing on FTP and another I wasn't. true story.
  • hansolobp


    Regarding the statement: the AGCC definitely mentioned that there were neither FT Employers / owners nor ther legal representative atively involved in the last hearing - I have been involved in some very minor court cases as a small business owner myself and it is always bad for the absent party not to be actively present in a court case, even if the main reason for the absence is the intention to cause a delay (sorry for my english).

    Also I don´t think that FT is in a position to "request" anything anymore, they should be gratefull if anybody would be listening to any suggestions from them...
  • Jackalof


    FTP case is like rioting in Greece - a waste of time.
  • akun


    de verdad no hay huevos a hacer nada? aki TODOS saben LLORAR pero NADIE tiene huevos para LUCHAR!
  • akun


    5$ by FTP player and international demand about DOJ...
  • akun


  • Roxalon


    R.I.P. FTP, goodbye my 200$
    luckly I cashed out most of my bankroll, before 29 june.
  • blackaces82


    @ #27: +1
    phuckin bs...
  • pavels4444


    Im not even gonna read it ...
  • Tim64


    Yeah, this smells like: "Ok. So, basically, we are fuc*ed. But let's try to pin as much of the blame on the regulator as possible. That way, maybe people will just forget that we have been siphoning off their money into a big bag marked 'Loot' since time began.
  • fishlock


    Never ever trust a hairy man with a hat
  • KordaFan


    "FTP nor their legal advisers were present at the hearing."

    "Throughout the last few months, Full Tilt Poker has been totally committed to ensuring repayment of its players in full"

    sweet fuck
  • Atoks


    Funny statement by FTP to say the least ... AGCC is stoping players from getting their money back? How about FTPs idiotic business practice that brought all of this to happen in the first place? Makes me want to quit poker ... then again, why would the ppl in the poker industry be any different from ppl in other responsible/influential positions, who just can't wait to screw somebody over for a few mil.
  • Atoks


    And also, the first blow dealt to FTP was from FTP owners, so how why not release a press statement bitching about how their owners screwed them over as well? Fkin twotiming bastards.
  • Titicamara


    Stop giving us false hope full tilt.
  • JBCD71


    All those dreams shattered..players who had dreams to be a pro..and with the bankroll...then they take it all away.Poker online..cant be trusted..sad really..hurts me to see the game treated this way.
  • manhtho2008


    my english is bad, i cant understand what they say.
    would my money be back ???
    and full tilt poker will reopen or not..

    AND I have accessed website at #37, I can email them to withdraw my money ??
  • burak220


    #48 your money go go you get zero, capishe?
  • SilverSag


    I am very confused here...

    Who is that FTP who is "fully committed to repay the money"!? All board of the company are thieves and crooks who stole the money in the first place, so who is left there to call them selves FTP? Who is actually making decisions over there now? No serious investor will talk to Jesus at this point....
  • Phoenix2104


    It seems to me that all the parties involved (owners and authorities) did their best to shut down FTP. Well done boys!
  • Phoenix2104


    oh, and thank God everybody (again owners and authorities) care only for the interest of the players! Thanks a lot boys! And well done again.
  • Phoenix2104


    To me this situation is like having some criminals holding some hostages and the police being more interested in arresting the criminals than rescuing the hostages. Well done boys, the criminals are arrested. Doesn't matter much that all the hostages were killed though.
  • boboistina


    just hope if scum that stole the money get convicted they go to a prison where few of the guards and prisoners had sizeable bankrolls at FTP, so they show them some good time.
  • M1rCea


    The Saga continues...
  • boboistina


    seems i completely wasted my one time.
  • staicu74


    The AGCC had a very interesting phrase in its statement given prior to this one. It sounded like "we have revoked the licence of FTP and FTP paying back their players is no longer our responsibility...". Well, I believe enyone would revoke a license if that meant one less responsibility, right?
    They are all pathetic.
    After all this scandal with the fund movenents a.s.o., I am curious as to the integrity and fairness of the software they are/were using...
    If we take this even further, what if all this "scandal" about revoking a licence was meant as a preemptive move against a possible future audit on the software?