FLOPOMANIA launches at 888poker

Recreational players got to try out the new action game that gets rid of the preflop stage altogether over the weekend.


The latest of many new formats catered to casual players got its official launch over the weekend, after a very infamous accidental launch earlier this month

FLOPOMANIA starts the action on the flop, meaning everybody begins with a complete five card poker hand and continues to the turn and river from there. There are no small and big blinds, instead everybody pays an ante at the start, with the dealer button moving around the table as normal. 

Also launched at the same time is Push or Fold FLOPOMANIA, which as the name suggests involves the option to make a single capped all-in bet. 

Both types of FLOPOMANIA tables have stakes of $0.05 Antes all the way to $1 Antes, with a minimum buy-in of 50 Antes.  

This week PokerStrategists can take part in an exclusive $10,000 FLOPOMANIA rake race with a top prize of $1,300. 

Have you tried this new format? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (1)

  • DonQuishove


    This looks like a fun new format! I'd try it for fun, a bit hard without the preflop action to put people on ranges and such which could be complicated, and every pot is raked I guess? Since we're always on the flop ... but still fun to try.