First online cash player to lose $1 million in 2018

We finally have a seven-figure result in the 2018 nosebleed cash rankings, unfortunately though it is for the biggest loser of the year.

unknown poker player
Unknown 'ImagineKing' is down seven-figures

There is usually a seven-figure winner and loser in the online cash game rankings by this time in a calendar year, but so far we have to settle just for a seven-figure loser. 

PokerStars player 'ImagineKing' just crossed over the seven-figure losses mark for 2018, losing mostly at the $100/$200 and $200/$400 PLO tables to the likes of Ignat '0Human0 Liviu and Rui 'PepperoniF' Cao.

The unknown player is down $1,179,564 in 2018 at the time of writing and his overall results are not much more encouraging, as he is down $2.7 million since his account has been tracked starting in 2011. 

The odds on favourite to be the first million winning player of 2018 has to be Linus 'LinusLLove' Loeliger who has been beating up the $200/$400 No Limit games this year. 

He is up $720,037 so far this year over 33,864 hands, which is a reasonable sample for the nosebleed games on PokerStars these days. This takes his account up to $1,350,618 since it was tracked in 2016. 

It's relatively quiet times at the online nosebleed stakes these days but one new variable to factor in are the weekly streamed big games at partypoker that have been attracting the likes of Gus Hansen, Viktor Blom and Fedor Holz. It's very feasible that the biggest winning or losing account by the end of the year could actually be at partypoker instead of PokerStars. However, right now those games are not tracked by 


poker player
Linus 'LinusLLove' Loeliger
James 'JapY-AA' Park$316,630


Viktor Blom$318,570
Elior Sion$294,785


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