Five scenes that should be included in the Mike Matusow movie

Following the news that Mike Matusow's life story may become a movie, we remember five classic videos of the Mouth that should make the final cut.

The Shahram Sheikhan bust up

The Mouth has had plenty of rivalries in poker, but this 2005 Main Event bust-up with Shahram Sheikhan is the most memorable. 

Mike gets eliminated from the Main Event

From the same event, Mike made the final table of the big one but had his dreams dashed by a three-outer. 

Mike predicts the chip smuggling scandal

Give the Mouth credit where it is due, he predicted a chip smuggling scandal months before it happened at the Borgata. 

The 7-2 hand with Phil Hellmuth

Mike's other big rivalry is with his 'frenemy' Phil Hellmuth, with this perhaps being their most notable encounter:

The Shaun Deeb slowroll

If the potential Mike Matusow movie can come close to replicating the tension and emotion in this classic hand, it could become a hit:

Did I miss your favourite Matusow moment? Tell me what you would have included in the comments box. 

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  • ClerkenwellBoi


    I love how the commercials that pop up in the middle of the first video are so very appropriate for how I imagine the life and times of Mike Matusow to be....

    Intoxicants, erectile dysfunction....and a need for lots of deodorant :)