From $0.25 to crushing $100 Spins

We chat to 'firstclassfree' who quickly went from the smallest stakes Spins to crushing the highest stakes available.

spinlegends poker member

So who exactly is 'firstclassfree'?

firstclassfree: I am Facundo Alonso, from Argentina, and I am 19 years old.

When did you start playing poker?

firstclassfree: Well, I started playing when I was very young and since that day I never stopped. When I turned 18, it changed from a hobby to something much more professional.

Why did you decide to join SpinLegends?

firstclassfree: At that time I was playing $3-$7 six max hypers, and although I was having good results, I realised that by studying on my own I was not going to be able to reach the highest stakes. My brother joined SpinLegends a few weeks before so that helped me to decide I wanted to be part of SpinLegends as well.

At what stake did you start?

firstclassfree: I started playing $0.25 Spins.

What do you think about poker's future?

firstclassfree: Although regular players are not being treated as they should be, I think that poker is always going to be a very profitable activity since most of the people attracted to it are weak players.

You now play $100 Spins, how are they going?

firstclassfree: Here you can see my latest 2.5k spins. Before this I have 2k more spins with a 40 chipsEV/spin.

firstclassfree poker graph
Our member's Spin graph

"Eliminate noise and distractions"

Spin Go spinlegends

Who are the best $100 Spins regulars?

firstclassfree: That´s a tough question because there are a lot of good players but If I had to mention some they would be: enzó dimitri, juveking87, MonkeyBausss and netspider_by among others.

What are the most important qualities for someone who wants to succeed in Spin & Go?

firstclassfree: I think the most important is dedication, and not only focus on playing, studying is very important too. Since poker is a game where strategies change rapidly, being open-minded is also very helpful, listening to other´s strategies and thinking process.

What do you enjoy more, studying or playing?

firstclassfree: Well, it depends on how I feel, but I really love both.

What does your set-up look like?

firstclassfree: I have a 23" monitor and a very comfortable chair. I also have in mind buying a bigger monitor so I can play more tables at one time. It´s not directly related to the set-up, but I think that the room where you grind/study should not have noises or distractions, so you can focus as much as possible.

What software is the most important for you?

firstclassfree: Without a doubt: PokerTracker, most of our decisions are made by looking at the stats of our opponent, without PokerTracker it would be very difficult.

What´s you dream in poker?

firstclassfree: I wish I could become a recognised player for my achievements, as well as being a professional player for as many years as I want.

What are you plans for the rest of the year?

firstclassfree: I want to increase the amount of games I play per month, and the number of tables I play simultaneously, but only if my winrate does not decrease.

Thanks alot, good luck at the tables!

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  • Tumlex


    omg. Impressive!
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    Nice story!
  • Crazygamer88


    23 Monitors, how many tables? Insane good.
  • lamome97


    could have more informations i think, it s very iterested but not enought
  • Pakichu777


    Select 2.5k games, have a crushing sample :)
  • AlvisR


    Coaches novadays: im not bothered to show you anything. I play nl1k games.
    .. after 5 minutes: so do you want to take coaching session ?!
  • LacsapR


    Nice story! Keep on going
  • VoidGnome


    Great player.