From $3 to $100 Spins in under a year

We catch up with member 'simon6184' who shares his story of going from micro Spins to the highest stakes possible in 2017.

Sam from SpinLegends

When we last interviewed you in March, you had already moved up quickly from $3 to $15 games, now you play $100 Spins, how hard was it to get to the biggest games?

simon6184: It was a long grind at the $30s and tough games at the $60s, but all in all it worked out quite well. The sample size you need at the higher stakes is of course larger than at the small stakes, but when you work on your game every day you can still move up relative quickly.

What are the biggest differences at the $60 and $100 levels compared to all the others?

simon6184: At the $60s and $100s the rate of 'regular' players is much higher than at all other limits, maybe it is even the highest at the $60s. It seems to me like this limit is not very popular among recreational players. On the other hand, every regular who moves up the stakes has to cross the $60s.

What has it been like psychologically to move up to the ‘highest stakes’ possible right now?

simon6184: Moving up in the first place feels good of course. Seeing those large numbers on the spinning wheel is of course exciting. In the first days the pressure is a bit higher, when you play for amounts that have been your bigger multipliers before, but you get used to it to some degree.

"Stick to your game during downswings"

It looks like it has been pretty smooth sailing to you from small stakes to high stakes, has it been? 

simon6184: When I moved up to the $60s for the first time I had a good start for the first few spins, but shortly after that I hit my first larger downswing and went back to the $30s again, where I grinded for some time. After a while I mixed in some $60s again and only played there when games were good. That helped me to pass this limit.

You’ve been with SpinLegends a long time now, what are the longer term benefits that you didn’t notice when you started?

simon6184: In the past I often switched games when I hit a larger downswing, so that I always stopped myself getting to the top of the learning curve. That’s maybe one of the reasons why I never made it to the very top of one game. Working together with SpinLegends now has helped me to stick to my game and improving every day, even through tough times.

spinlegends graph
simon6184's graph (click to enlarge)

"The next goal is good volume"


What is your general attitude towards multipliers now you have grinded Spins for a long time? Do you find yourself wishing you’d hit one, or do they become less important as time goes on?

simon6184: The expectation value of those big multipliers is not even that high, so when you win your portion of the 4x and 6x you can still make a nice profit, even without being the lucky one who is running above EV. But once you do hit one early, of course it changes your results drastically. Anyway, I hope to hit my big multiplier on the $100s soon.

Now you are playing the biggest Spins, what is your next big goal in poker?

simon6184: As there are no higher limits than the $100s for spins, the next goal can only be to grind a good volume with a chipEV above 50. I hope that Spins stay popular for a while, so for the moment I am not planning to change back to PLO or some other variant.

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  • PSR83597852


    Nice guy..
  • aw9some


    i love these interviews! i think such interviews give the mircoplayers like me an enormous boost for the motivation! thx therefore and this graph looks x-SoSick-x :D
  • SDK1987


    That’s a nice achievement. I don’t think most people will do that.