From €5 to €50 Spins in a month

We speak to Italian player 'Baracchinghi' who is fast on his way to €100 Spins in a record amount of time.

Can you go from €5 Spins to €50 Spins in just over 30 days? The answer is yes for at least one of our SpinLegends members.

Meet Baracchinghi, a player well known to our Italian community. Our former coach was among the first to play for SpinLegends Italia, and although he started at humble limits, he managed to break through the sound wall, reaching high stakes in about 35 days (In days played, if we forgive his summer holiday).

So he ran well, obviously? Not really, he actually went through several periods where variance was very cruel, as he shares in this interview:

"Money is made where there are casual players"

Our former coach Nicola You are a cash specialist, what brought you to Spins?

Baracchinghi: Yes, when I was in Germany and playing .eu I could afford the luxury of opening the tables at any time. With the transition to .it and having to undergo a practically obligated timetable, my volume has reduced significantly, so Spins allowed me more freedom.

But the main reason is simple: you only play poker for the money and the money is easier where the casual player is. Right now, that is at the Spins. How does the field change in the bigger games?

Baracchinghi: You have to consider that the holidays and PokerStars changing the VIP system has changed things. Up to the €25 Spins the standard is honestly embarrassing. Once you get to the €25s the regulars, although not great, do make the games tougher.

At €50, apart from 'LucioM' and 'Willys', I did not find anybody who really made it tough.

I have no doubt the holiday period has affected this and a lack of regulars. Honestly though, I consider the €50 games as a transition level, and the goal is to get to €100s.

€50 graph
Baracchinghi's €50 graph

"I have no anxiety here" How important is aggression at these levels?

Baracchinghi: The answer depends on what the reader is used to. Poker in general is much more aggressive than what the typical TAG thinks. Good strategy in Spins can sometimes be surprisingly passive, but the population trends still allow for the exploitation of aggressiveness in certain situations. What I can say is that in this format not value betting enough is the biggest mistake I see people make. How do you evaluate your experience in SpinLegends both at the educational and organizational level?

Baracchinghi: After the first 500 €25 Spins, I found myself €2,000 under the expected value, which is 80 buy-ins! If I had played on my own, without being part of this project, I would probably have abandoned the format in frustration despite the excellent potential of the game.

This frustration around variance has not been an issue, allowing me to concentrate on the quality of my game without any anxiety.

Baracchinghi Graph

"The SpinLegends approach is based on quality" Why would you recommend SpinLegends to anyone who wants to learn this new format?

Baracchinghi: The material available is vast and the approach is based on the quality of the game rather than the volume. In fact, if I was charge of the project, I would like to have a lot of marketing campaigns on the subject of quality vs volume, because it is very important.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, good luck for the future!

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  • pharaonsgold


    i made 2500 in spin and go by 15 buy in
  • hardlife66


    You make it sound easy when it's really not (for me anyway), I'll stick to what I'm confident with.