From Spin & Go hater to $60 crusher

We chat to a Russian coach who used to hate Spin & Go but is now climbing the ranks from $15 Spins on his way to $100 games.

A few years ago you said in our Russian community that Spin & Go was bad for the industry and now you specialise in them, what changed?

Common13That's right and I do not regret my words. Poker has changed, whether it is better or worse is debatable. The biggest benefit of Spins is that with the help of EV Insurance and staking you can play purely on EV, regardless of who you are playing or how big the multiplier. Plus I always say 'what you renounce, you will become, it's the law of the Universe' and here I am. 

Common13 and his wife

What did your transition look like and what made you join SpinLegends?

Common13I was taking a break from poker working on a business project which was time consuming and difficult, and needed something to make income while I was waiting for it to generate revenue. Before my poker break I was playing six max hypers but after PokerStars changed their VIP scheme they no longer were profitable. 

Common13's $15 graph

I had a friend who was playing with Spins who was doing well and he helped me see Spins in a new light and he coached me. It was like I had to learn poker from scratch again, even though it was an accelerated way to learn. I was down to my last $60 so I started at $1 Spins and by the fourth month I was at the $15s, until my friend quit playing Spins and I had a decision to make. I also wanted to stay relevant in the modern trends of poker. I wanted to reach the top of Spins and not hang around at the smaller limits, and after talking with my friends from SpinLegends, I joined. 

It's been five months and you've already had a lot of progress. 

Common13Five months already? It still feels like the start. I came to the school having beaten $15 Spins over 4,000 tournaments with a ChipEV of 70, but I had to beat the $15s using the SpinLegends method. I beat 3,000 Spins for a ChipEV of 60 and it was onto the $30s. That went smoothly and now we are on the tougher prospect of $60 Spins. 

$60 Spins is considered very tough, how different is it from $30 Spins?

Common13I can confirm $60 Spins are much tougher than $30 and $15 games. Perhaps because the summer is quiet in terms of recreational players. I suspect the hobby players prefer the $100 Spins because the jackpot is $1 million rather than a measly $600,000. So $60 is mostly regulars. I think $100 is tougher but somebody who beats $60 should be able to beat $100. 

Common13's $30 graph

You are an experienced coach in our Russian Poker School, what was it like being a student at SpinLegends? 

Common13I came to SpinLegends being well versed in terms of GTO strategies. The school gave me a lot of experience in the strategy of playing against hobby players, which I previously ignored. In addition, the school focuses on field trends, and this, too, for me was a new experience, which brought a lot +EV in the understanding of the game.

The school is really well administered which is good and I like that we have promotions within the school which helps with motivation. Plus the feedback process is really good and everyone gets heard. 

Common13's $60 graph

What is your overall goal with SpinLegends?

Common13I want to defeat the End Boss at $60, at $100 and fight the Super Boss at $500. At SpinLegends, there is such an opportunity, and I want to comply with the standard and switch to $500 until the end of the contract. About my career, I do not have a time frame, but I definitely do not want to play poker all my life as a professional. Therefore, I constantly think about investing in some sort of business. 

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