Full Tilt Poker Signs Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Perhaps the two most legendary names in the online poker world will be joining Gus Hansen as part of the new team of Full Tilt Poker pros known as The Professionals.

Full Tilt Poker confirmed that Tom "durrrr" Dwan will be re-patching his clothes with the Full Tilt Poker logo. In addition, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom (who first made his name in the nosebleed cash games at Full Tilt) will be sponsored by Full Tilt Poker when the site relaunches on November 6.

The pair will join Gus Hansen, who was announced last week as the first member of the new Full Tilt team.

Dwan was previously a part of Team Full Tilt before Black Friday; in fact he was the last member to be signed to the team one step beyond simple 'Red Pro' status. He and Gus Hansen are, thus far, the only players from the old team to return. 

Blom first burst onto the online poker scene at Full Tilt's cash game tables in 2009, taking on the likes of Dwan and his fellow Full Tilt teammates at dizzying stakes with relentless aggression.

He was signed and unmasked by PokerStars in 2011, before he mutually parted ways with the site - clearly, he is a better fit for the high-octane cash game action that Full Tilt Poker is famous for.

Full Tilt Poker will relaunch on November 6. For more information you can see our recent news:

Full Tilt Poker Statement to Players, FTOPS to Return in December


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Comments (27)

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  • Gex222


    I would not recognize Isildur in this siut ^^
  • Zugwat


    Good Job!
  • Farmarchist


  • autheking


  • MJPerry


    Just wanted to share Barry Carter's amazing insight on that pic: "They look like two fourteen-year-olds at a wedding."
  • Farmarchist


    The pic is soooo cool :D.

    Amazing this is all happening! *jizzinpants*
  • narucy


    Very nice photo, super awesome.
  • HoD23


    and what about SEIBORG!
  • Aerox232


    Ziggy missing.
  • trickybob


    Glad these two are back on FT.
  • Tim64


    y, this is a proper sexy duo for the relaunch.
    lol at #5 :)
  • Maloco87


    I knew as soon as he left stars that this would happen I said it on the forum weeks ago. Good stuff
  • AlfaChino


    Looks like Durrrr is gonna pay off his debt in labor :)))
  • tehChipDonk


    #9 of course, what would FTP like without ziggy?!
  • Toothless32


    double sickness!
  • BigAl123456


    So obv this was gonna be the case...
  • esuohdla


    They just need to sign that god of a man Howard Lederer, then im sold.
  • Heffron89


    so fking nice haha
  • ProlinePoker


    Who f*** cares about the pros they sign?? What I do care about is my 27% RB and my mid-year and end-year ironman bonuses... which are gone!
  • oskrgy


    @19 +1
    I really cant see why ppl are so enthusiastic about.
    What the hell do we have from those pros anyways???
    I mean they are good poker players and probably good guys as well, but again not much for us to gain whatsoever.


    @19&@20 that the rackebacl is gone might suck....but singing big names in Poker means that they will atracct allot of new players who aint hard to beat fish and donks. sponsering big names is good for the players and the poker industry!!! So lets just wait and see what els stars has in mind... i aint no fan of stars trust me!! but if they didnt buy ftp and the GBT deal went tru we would be fucked!!
  • MIMIso


    Not really, "big" names are hardly known to non-poker community. Most of the people, not involved in poker, ergo, potential new players, have no clue who is Isildur or Dwan. They might have heard of Ivey and possibly Chan, but thats it.

    So, signing them is not that big a deal.
  • Toothless32


    @22 lol
  • fonzarelli44


    someone needs to photoshop ziggy between those two:)
  • Rihard4a


    #24 this
  • Heffron89


    #22 are u talking for all the peopel in this world...? Many many swedish non poker players know who isildur is
  • jpcool


    yehey nov 6