Full Tilt Update: Deal By End of Feb, Players' Suit Dismissed, Ferguson Settles?

A slew of Full Tilt Poker news has been revealed as Laurent Tapie denied rumours that Chris Ferguson was to sabotage the Full Tilt takeover. He added the deal should be complete by the end of February, plus more news from the legal front.

Laurent Tapie: Full Tilt acquisition "by the end of February"

Bernard Tapie
Is this man the saviour of Full Tilt Poker?
Laurent Tapie, the son of Group Bernard Tapie's (GBT) eponymous owner, has totally denied rumours that Chris Ferguson was prepared to sabotage the Tapies' acquisition of Full Tilt Poker.

Shortly after rumours began to churn that Full Tilt Poker and the US Department of Justice (DoJ) had agreed to the terms of the forfeiture agreement to allow the GBT takeover, Tapie confirmed that: "the due diligence process is nearly complete... unless there are last-minute surprises, we hope to do the deal by the end of February."

It should be noted that this does not give us a time frame for the return of Full Tilt Poker, simply the acquisition of the company by GBT.

Chris Ferguson not interfering, will settle?

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson is not interfering with the GBT
deal and could settle with the DoJ soon.
In an article on iGamingFrance, Tapie put recent rumours of Chris Ferguson's involvement with the deal to rest, responding to recent allegations that "Jesus" had been prepared to sabotage the potential deal:

"This is totally false," Tapie said. "Chris Ferguson has no problem with regard to the completion of the takeover agreement, which is imminent. Even if he wanted to... he would not be able to because [the agreement] has been validated."

Chris Ferguson had recently come under fire, back in the poker spotlight when Subject: Poker broke the news that he had funnelled around $60 million of his Full Tilt payments to bank accounts held for him.
However, according to Tapie, this is simply not the case.

There could be more good news for Ferguson also: according to his lawyer, Ian Imrich, Ferguson has been having "very positive dialogue" with the Department of Justice and expects to have his case settled in early 2012.

Todd Terry lawsuit against Full Tilt Poker dismissed

Further to this, the class action lawsuit brought against Full Tilt Poker by lawyer-turned-poker pro Todd Terry has been dismissed. The lawsuit, which named Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Ray Bitar, Phil Ivey and others, as well as nine companies associated with Full Tilt Poker, saw many claims dismissed today.

Judge Sand dismissed all claims against individuals other than Ray Bitar and Canadian Nelson Burtnick. He said that "it remains unclear whether the direct cause of Plaintiffs' injuries was the decision by the US Attorney's office to temporarily shut down and seize [Full Tilt Poker]'s assets... or was the subsequent decision by one or more of the Defendants."

Stay tuned to PokerStrategy.com for more Full Tilt Poker news!

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  • Jitroceler


    ´´Ferguson has been having "very positive dialogue" with the Department of Justice.´´ What positive dialogues? He should be in jail already!
  • AaronLambert


    Step forward but I just have no clue how many steps it will take to get our money back :(
  • rubenbakag


    I just want my $60k back to buy a house. And forget about FTP
  • pavels4444


    #1 +1

    #3 what house lol? 60k is sick though
  • boboistina


    when on nov 17th this news came out
    i was ecstatic and thought we'll have ftp and our rolls back soon. Since then i've been dissappointed at how long this is taking, and even though this should be a great news i still think there will be another 2 and a half months to a new update, just like between these two, and we probably wont see FTP back before summer, a full year after it was closed, if we ever see it at all.
  • rubenbakag


    #4 In Mexico, with 60k you can afford the equibalent to a 300k USA house.