GGNetwork adds 500BB cash drops

Worth 65% rakeback a second network now will be embracing the innovative new reward system introduced by Phil Galfond.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last month you'll be aware of Phil Galfond's new poker room RunItOnce Poker and their innovative rakeback system 'Splash the Pot'. Instead of traditional rakeback, 51% of the rake generated is randomly dropped onto the table in small to large amounts for the players to win. 

cash drop
A Cash Drop

The concept has proven such a hit that in less than two weeks the GG Network (home of Natural8) has already announced their own version, set for launch on February 27. 

Cash Drops are only available so far in fast fold games (called Chinese Rush on the network) and will award as much as 65% in rakeback to random tables. An amount the network claims makes theirs the lowest rake in the industry. 

Cash Drops will be between five and 500 big blinds. Unlike at RunItOnce, the larger Cash Drops will be spread between all players at the table, rather than put in the middle for everyone to fight for. 

There will be three 'Rush and Cash' tables launching next week played in Chinese Yuan currency. It will be using an ante and Button Blind format, with the rake and buy-in details below:

gg network

Perhaps the most remarkable thing of all is how quickly the concept has been adopted by another room. Like Fast Fold and Lottery SNGs before them, it could be that this new way of creating action and awarding rakeback will be an industry standard a year from now.

Should all the major poker rooms adopt this format? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (5)

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  • wobbletones


    Its a very interesting concepts, the players should get bigger rake backs, maybe more poker rooms will adopt it


    So they are raking 20bb every 100 hands and giving 65% back. Don't think that's the lowest rake. Definitely not lower then RunitOnce or MPN
  • JimmkCZ


    51% of the rake generated, cash drops very nice tips
  • cms81


    I like the idea of the splash being spread around the table better than being put in the middle for everyone to fight for although this is also a great idea.
  • TheBluffMeister


    Very good concept and quite generous