GTA 6 to include real money online poker

Fully regulated online poker and house games announced for the the next version of Grand Theft Auto.

GTA poker
Play for real money, then rob the place

Rockstar announced this week that the sixth installment of Grand Theft Auto is in development, and we can today reveal that real money online poker will feature. 

Players will be able to drive to casinos scattered around the virtual city and play real money cash games against other players all over the world. There will also be real money casino games like roulette and blackjack, against the house.  

Industry insiders are already expecting this to see one of the biggest spikes in online poker traffic in a decade, although multi-tabling is not likely. 

VIP points will be available for regular players, and one idea which has been presented is that if you have earned enough of them, you will be able to trade them in for the opportunity to rob a game you are losing in at gunpoint to get your money back. 

It will be a long time before the game hits the stores, and Rockstar are banking on the US market being fully regulated in time for the launch. Estimated time of launch will be April 1, 2018. 

GTA poker
A screenshot from the real money casino games

Do you think the option to rob your opponents at gunpoint is bad for the image of online poker? Let us know in the comments.

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  • praios


    april april
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    Ah good old April fools day you can't beat it
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    why spoil it :D i forgot about aprils fool just like every god damn year :D
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    Ok :-|
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    Do you believe dis shit? xD look at the date
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    Well played, Barry, well played!
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    April's fool
  • Malendes


    I thought it was true... until I saw the comments :( If it actually happened, I bet it would be some of the softest games ;(
  • PokarFace


    Yeah. I was trying to understand what they meant with regulated cash games, as in it affected the GTA 6 economy. Then I thought it would be a shove fast, and lastly I realized it was April 1st. Trololololo! ^_^
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    Fock . nice news ! I ll be aa GTA6 reg then ^^
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    i was just about to answer seriously but then i remember the date
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    GTA stealing cards what next