German Pius Heinz is the World Champion of Poker!

German Pius Heinz has defeated a field of 6,865 players to win the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event. Heinz beat Martin Staszko in an epic heads-up match to cement his victory. Find out how he did it!

pius heinz
Pius Heinz
The World Series of Poker has reached its conclusion, and Pius Heinz of Germany has officially been crowned the 2011 World Champion. For his achievement, Heinz has earned $8,715,638, a WSOP bracelet, and a place in the record books alongside legends of the game like Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan.

Play began on Tuesday with 3 men- Pius Heinz of Germany with 107,800,000 chips, Ben Lamb of the USA with 55,400,000 chips, and Martin Staszko of the Czech Republic with 42,700,000 chips. If you missed how these 3 emerged from the final 9, check out our coverage of the first day of the final table. By the end of the evening, Heinz had finally accumulated the entirety of the 205,950,000 chips in play and secured the victory.

How did it happen?

Here are the defining moments from the final day of the 2011 WSOP:

FIRST HAND MADNESS! Lamb Crippled. - On the VERY first hand of play, Ben Lamb opened to 3 million from the small blind, Martin Staszko raised to 7.5 million from the big blind, and Ben Lamb went all-in. Staszko called with 7h7s, and Lamb showed KhJd. The board ran Th9s2d3sTc, and Martin Staszko doubled, leaving the crowd favorite Ben Lamb with just 12.7 million chips (about 10 big blinds). The crowd was stunned.

Lamb Busts - On the fourth hand of play, Ben Lamb moved all-in from the small blind and was snap-called by Martin Staszko in the big blind. Lamb had Qs6h, and Staszko flipped JdJc. The board ran 5c5h2s2c7s, and Ben Lamb was eliminated in 3rd place. Martin Staszko had also won a hand from Pius Heinz in between his two clashes with Lamb, and at this point he was the new chip leader.

Heinz Takes Control While Heads-Up - After several very small pots, Martin Staszko limped, Pius Heinz raised to 3.7 million, and Staszko called. The flop came 9d5c8d. Heinz bet 4.3 million, and Staszko called. The turn was the Qd, Heinz bet 8.8 million, and Staszko called again. On the river Tc, Heinz checked, Staszko bet 14 million, and Pius surprised everyone by moving all-in. Staszko couldn't bring himself to call. The ESPN feed revealed later that Pius Heinz had 8s9s for two pair, and Martin Staszko had As8c for one pair.

Staszko with the Bigger Two Pair - Staszko called from the button, and Heinz checked behind him. The flop came 2cQs9h. Heinz bet 2 million, and Staszko called. The Ks turned, Heinz bet 4.5 million, and Staszko called again. The river was the 7s, Heinz bet 14.25 million, and after considering the decision, Staszko called. Heinz had 7d2h for two pair, but Staszko's Qh7c was a better two pair, and he took the chip lead.

• Heinz Regains the Lead with Aces - Heinz opened for 3.4 million preflop, bet 3.75 million on the Qd5d2c flop, and bet 8.6 million on an Ah turn. Staszko called all three streets. On the river, the 3d came, Heinz bet again, and Staszko folded. ESPN revealed Heinz had Ace-DAc (set of Aces) and Staszko folded Qs9h (2nd pair). This hand gave Heinz the lead again.

• Staszko Takes Charge with a Great Play - Martin Staszko opened from the button to 3.5 million, Pius Heinz raised to 10.1 million, and Staszko called. Heinz bet 9.8 million when he saw the 7d2hTs flop, and Staszko called. Heinz bet again on the Ac turn- this time for a massive 21.3 million chips. Staszko moved all-in for 60 million, and Heinz folded. ESPN showed that NEITHER man had a pair- Heinz had Jd9c and Staszko had KdQh.  Daniel Negreanu immediately called Staszko's all-in the "play of the tournament" on Twitter.

• Staszko Widens his Lead - Pius Heinz raised to 3.4 million from the button, and his opponent called. The flop came Ace-D9s3d, Staszko checked, Heinz bet 3.8 million, and Staszko called. On the turn As, Staszko checked, Heinz bet 8.4 million, and Staszko raised to 18.5 million. Heinz called, but he folded to Staszko's bet of 20.25 million after the river 6d fell. ESPN showed that Heinz had just 7c6s for a rivered pair, and Staszko had Ac9c for a full house. Staszko had more than a 2:1 chip advantage at this point.

• Heinz Slowly Moves Ahead - Heinz took down several medium-sized pots in a short span, including value-betting top pair on a 9-high board, to get the chip stacks nearly even again. Shortly afterwards he took a small lead, including a hand which was 3-bet preflop and checked to showdown where Heinz took the pot with ace-high.

Lead Change #7 - With blinds now at 1 million/2 million with a 300K ante, Heinz opened to 4.2 million, Staszko 3-bet to 11.5 million, and Heinz 4-bet to 20.6 million. Staszko 5-bet all-in, and Heinz quickly folded. ESPN revealed that Staszko had Ac2c and Heinz had 9h7d.

Players Trade Jabs, Staszko Hangs Onto Lead - After taking the lead back, Martin Staszko took control of the match and won several medium-sized hands to take a better-than 2:1 lead over the young German. The most noteworthy of these hands included a river value-bet with a straight, and Heinz paid it off with top pair. Chip counts fluctuated, but slowly Staszko got the best of Heinz. Then, Heinz fought his way back from a short stack and got Staszko's lead down to about a 3:2 advantage.

Pius Heinz Doubles Up, Takes Significant Lead - Martin Staszko limped from the button, and Pius Heinz raised to 7.9 million chips (1.2M/2.4M blinds). Staszko called, and the flop came Tc7cKs. Heinz bet 8.2 million, Staszko raised to 17.5 million, and Heinz moved all-in for a total of about 73 million chips. Staszko called and showed Qc9c for a flush draw and inside straight draw, and Heinz had AhQh for an inside straight draw with higher cards. The turn was the 3h and the river was the 6s, and Pius Heinz suddenly gained about a 4:1 chip lead.

• Heinz Wins! - The two gladiators found themselves all-in preflop: Heinz held AsKc and Staszko had Tc7c. The board ran 9s5c2dJh4d, and Pius Heinz became the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion!

Heads-up play lasted about 130 hands over 5.5 hours and included 8 lead changes. Although Martin Staszko made the final table very interesting, he fell short of his goal and finished in 2nd place.

Pius Heinz played well for 10 days, and a combination of world-class skill and luck brought him over the finish line to secure a victory in the most important poker tournament in the world.

Congratulations to Pius Heinz, the 2011 World Champion of Poker!

2011 WSOP Main Event

Final Results

Place Name Chips/Prize
1st Pius Heinz $8,715,638
2nd Martin Staszko $5,433,086
3rd Ben Lamb $4,021,138
4th Matt Giannetti $3,012,700
5th Phil Collins $2,269,599
6th Eoghan O'Dea $1,720,831
7th Bob Bounahra $1,314,097
8th Anton Makiievskyi $1,010,015
9th Sam Holden $782,115
Players:  1 (6,865)   |   Prize pool: $64,531,000
Check out some pictures from the final day of the 2011 WSOP Main Event:

the penn and teller theater
The Penn and Teller Theater was ready for action.

We spoke to former WSOP Main Event Champion Scotty Nguyen about shorthanded play.

heinz fans
Pius Heinz tweeted this picture of his supporters shortly before play began.

A glimpse around the room from the Pius Heinz section.

the money
The money and the bracelet.

martin staszko
Martin Staszko entering the stage.

ben lamb
Ben lamb shortly after his bustout.

lamb letter
Ben Lamb tweeted that he accidentally received the winner's letter, and it was the "biggest needle ever."

Pius Heinz and Martin Staszko posing with the Jack Link's Sasquatch.

pius heinz
Pius Heinz making a bet while heads-up, with $8.7 million in cash on the table.

hu tension
The final two players staring each other down.

the crowd
The crowd of fans watching the heads-up action.

chip chart
An ESPN chip tracker chart which displayed the craziness of the heads-up match, and it wasn't even near over yet.

the bracelet
The champion's bracelet awaits German Pius Heinz.

Some Photographs Courtesy of PokerNews

by Matt Kaufman

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