Goliath breaks European attendance record (again)

One player turned £125 into £101,450 last week in a record breaking field beaten only by a few tournaments at the World Series of Poker.

Florian Duta
Florian Dimitrie Duta

Poker is not taking a break just because the World Series of Poker is over and last week in Coventry, England, a record breaking crowd proved just that. 

The Grosvenor Goliath shattered its own record for the largest field outside of Las Vegas with a staggering 7,584 total entries (it was a re-entry event), smashing its own record last year of 6,382. There were 1,663 entries on the final Day 1 which is a record in itself. 

The event took place at the Ricoh Arena football stadium and cost just £125 to enter but awarded a jaw dropping £101,450 to the eventual champion Florian Dimitrie Duta (and the rest of the final table payouts, below, were bigger than most tournament first prize ROIs too). 

Duta from Romania is no stranger to the tournament circuit, already boasting over $1.2 million live earnings. Amazingly enough he also beat 2,118 players to win a $1,500 event last month for $429,161 at the Wynn Summer Classic, so he is clearly a player that could give Joe Cada a run for his money as one of the best large field players right now

The Grosvenor Goliath
Position Player Prize
1st Florian Dimitrie Duta £101,450
2nd Warwick Brindley £73,100
3rd Mariusz Czech £52,500
4th Bogdan Bolboceanu £37,150
5th Ricky Read £25,650
6th Craig Mariner £17,950
7th Ioana Belet £14,050
8th Gordon George Paterson £11,600
9th Joseph Stoyles £10,000
7,584 entries

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