Good for the game?

We recap some of the best poker YouTube videos this week including sick Poker After Dark hands and Kara Scott in bunny ears.

Good for poker?

KidPoker is back Vlogging and gets a lot off his chest including his new dogs, WSOP Player of the Year, the Global Poker League and poker awards. 

Kara and Uncle Ron

Want to see Kara Scott's sillier side? Here it is with Poker Central character 'Uncle Ron'.

Neeme's P&L

Andrew Neeme is the organic hit of poker YouTube and here he is sharing his wins and losses since he has been a Vlogger. 

Is durrrr a Hold'em God?

In case you missed it, Tom Dwan is back, and here is Joe Ingram breaking down his sick week on Poker After Dark:

Hall folds the winner

Finally, Doug Polk is back doing what he does best, breaking down televised poker hands, this time a big fold by Cate Hall:

What are you watching this week on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:

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