Greg Merson given the gift of sight

We recap the stories you may have missed including why Tom Dwan finds No Limit boring and what one Main Event finalist did with his money.

Merson can see clearly

Main Event champion Greg Merson has always worn his heart on his sleeve and this week we had a reminder of that. 

The 2012 champion has been legally blind most of his life, so he shared the moment all that changed on Twitter:

Papi with another silly prop bet

Now to a man who would probably purposely blind himself if the money was right. Yes, Joe Ingram has took on another outlandish prop bet. 

We like his side of the bet here given his significant social media and YouTube influence, getting 100,000 views considering that is what Doug Polk or Daniel Negreanu regularly get does not seem like much of a stretch:

What to do with a life-changing score?

We've all dreamed about what we would do with a Main Event final table score, and this year's 4th place finisher Nic Manion showed us what he did with his. 

durrrr on the state of No Limit

It's so rare we see him do any sort of public appearances so it is very interesting to hear what Tom Dwan thinks of the state of No Limit Hold'em these days. 

He is finding the game boring in part due to the excessive tanking he sees at the tables, and in this video shares why he much prefers Short Deck Poker:

Polk on nanonoko

Finally, we so often see him in a war of words with, well, everyone, that it is nice to see Doug Polk paying respects to a player who impresses him, Randy 'nanonoko' Lew: 

What would you do with a seven-figure score? Let us know in the comments:

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