Guy talks about his $26 million downswing

In today's Daily Rewind we recap Guy Laliberte's $500/$1,000 antics and claim a SCOOP title with Scott Seiver.

Guy talks high stakes poker

Guy is unimpressed
It may be a somewhat crude way to describe himself but Guy Laliberte believes he was the "Vaseline" that greased some of the biggest games ever seen online.
Speaking to the Journal de Montreal, the circus impresario opened up about his run in the $500/$1,000 games between 2008 and 2009.

Playing under various handles, including 'noatima', 'patatino' and 'LadyMarmalade', it's estimated that Guy lost around $26 million, but according to some he was the victim of unfair tactics.

Despite no one ever being called out for cheating, some suspected that players in the game were working together to increase their EV against the billionaire.

Commenting on the subject, Guy feels he was "scammed" by "people he knew personally".

Fortunately, despite it being the "craziest expenditure" of his life, Guy is still a fan of poker and will be helping to make this year's $1 Million One Drop event even bigger than ever.

Seiver scoops a title

Another title for Scott
Another round of SCOOP action took place last night and coming through a tough final table to top the likes of Alex Luneau, Mike Watson and Phil Galfond was Scott Seiver.

With Hold'em events attracting bumper fields, many of the game's top pros have been finding success in less popular variants such as 2-7 Single Draw and last night Seiver was able to do just that.

After seeing off Luneau in sixth place Seiver was able to build some momentum whilst Watson, Vincent van der Fluit and Galfond fell by the wayside.

Heads-up the advantage sat with Tobias Wenker, but after a brief tussle it was Seiver who gained the upper hand and eventually saw off his Austrian foe to claim his first SCOOP title and $37,000.

A new phase for PokerStars

Phase MTTs
A new addition to PokerStars' tournament roster popped up recently in the form of Phased MTTs.

Split into two phases, these events will allow players to take part in an opening session at their leisure before competing in Phase 2 later in the week.

Running between Monday and Saturday, there will be three Phase 1s on offer at 10:25 ET, 13:25 ET and 19:25 ET.

Any player that makes it through Phase 1 will then take their stack on to Phase 2 (you can only win through once) which takes place on Sundays at 12:25 ET.

At present there is one Phased Tournament costing $11 on offer, but PokerStars has said it will increase its selection in the coming weeks.

Question of the Day

"Guy felt he was scammed online so we want to know: how prevalent do you think tactics such as ghosting and collusion are at the highest stakes?"


Alexander Kostritsyn became the latest high stakes table-topper last night after scooping $159,628. Despite the relative lack of action, the Russian pro managed to bank enough cash to finish ahead of Viktor Blom and Dan Junglemandan Cates who each secured six-figure profits.

Breaking the $200,000 loss barrier and finishing as Thursday's biggest loser was Hac Dang. The US pro dropped $205,634 over the course of 203 hands to end the day comfortably ahead of 'punting-peddler' and Phil Ivey on the daily loss chart.

Alex Kostritsyn
Viktor Blom$127,891
Dan Cates$108,143
Hac Dang
Phil Ivey$67,709

Daily Signoff

With Scott Seiver claiming a SCOOP title last night we thought we'd finish today with this verbal clash with Dan Junglemandan Cates.

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  • AtrociousNightmare


    yeah right... like you can get that rich without scamming people.
    HA! Karma?

    [generally I don't write, actually, I never write comments of this kind, but this one really called for itself, I'm sorry.]
  • MJPerry


    Is it a "downswing" if you're just a massive underdog in the game?
  • WillyD


    He has a circus... can't see how people paying to see his shows is scamming people
  • metza


    #2 I was thinking that too, surely downswing implies running worse than usual making you go from winning to losing.